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Inroduction / Other Stools Stories:

During the last two months, Adi Hemer accompanied Yaakov Kaufman on his selection and cataloging process, towards the exhibition "Stools" that will open in the museum next week. The many hours she spent with the stools made it possible for her to acquaint herself with the stools and witness their every nuance. What at first seemed like a vast millipede horde slowly turned into singular stools, single sons. Within the next few weeks we will showcase a single stool every couple of days. We will focus on each stool and unfold its narrative.  
Yaacov Kaufman - Stools

Tribute to Marcel Duchamp (material: pine)

This stool belongs to the ‘Swing, Jump, Rotate" category and is made from a full and natural trunk. It distinguishes itself from the rest of its family members through the four wheels attached to its narrow based. The inspiration for these wheels originates in Marcel Duchamp's painting, from 1914, of a chocolate grinder.

The four wheels of the stools are small in comparison with the wheels of Duchamp's giant chocolate grinder; yet in both cases the wheels make possible a complete soft rotation in every direction. This rotation endows a sense of mobility almost like an office chair. It seems as if this mobility is redundant for a stool, which, unlike a chair, people will only sit on temporarily (I did not completely understand the sentence in Hebrew). Yet, the combination creates a new sensation, which on the one hand liberates since makes it possible to naturally move with the stools in all directions, yet on the other hand forces the person sitting on the stool to straighten his back and become aware of his own body.

Yaacov Kaufman - Stools

This is not Kaufman's first reference to Duchamp's chocolate grinder. A few years ago, he designed a desk lighting feature for Lumina Italia Company, and the base of the lamp had the same four wheels. In the second version of this lamp, which is named MiltiX, they decided to relinquish this technology due to the high manufacturing costs in relation to a simpler lamp base.

Yaacov Kaufman - Stools
Yaakov Kaufman for Lumina Italia


Inroduction / Other Stools Stories:

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