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Exhibitions > Yaacov Kaufman - Stools 1

Tall and Long

Along the axis between the iconic, classical stool and an object whose designation as a stool is far from clear is a group of stools that provide what Kaufman describes as "the possibility of sitting momentarily."

These stools are not especially comfortable and cannot be occupied for long. They offer an almost random spot to sit briefly, and their proportions are not especially "stool-like." Their seats are too high or too low, or else require one to sit on a pole or to merely lean on it to relax.

The seated body must frequently change its position. Stretching the width and height of these stools constitutes, in some cases, a cultural study centered on different modes of sitting. Some of these stools dialogue with the tools of particular professions, such as the milkman or the dentist. The
playful engagement with the stool's dimensions enables one to wonder about the line running between stool, chair, and bench, and raises questions such as: When does a stool become a bench without a backrest? 

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Yaacov Kaufman - Stools
photo: Itay Benit

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