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Exhibitions > Yaacov Kaufman - Stools 6

Rocking, Jumping, Turning

Rocking, jumping and turning right or left, noise, play, flexibility. These characteristics come together to create a "sitting movement." In contrast to a chair, which requires a certain degree of decorum, a stool is classified in advance as an "inferior chair," and can thus "afford not to be taken seriously," says Kaufman. In addition to the absence of a backrest, which is characteristics of all stools, these stools are defined by the dimension of movement.

The essence of the stool constrains those sitting on it to pay close attention to the stability of their body and to be highly conscious of its movements. In contrast to the immobile body sitting on a chair, the body sitting on a stool is neither recumbent nor relaxed. Sitting on a stool requires us to use our muscles, so that the body must concentrate, keep its balance, remain erect. These stools thus engage in a dialogue with the seated body. In fact, the sitter "activates" the stool and thus makes it into what it is. The true essence of the stool is revealed only once someone sits on it.
It is thus dependent upon the sitter, and is not complete without him.

Stools of this type provide an experience of sitting. While one is seated, one examines the limits imposed on the body's natural movement by the structure of the stool, which produces an additional movement. The stool becomes a third leg and; like a walking stick, it constitutes an extension of the body, and involves additional senses in the sitting experience. It responds to the natural need to do
something in addition to sitting: rock one's leg, stamp, tap on something. Some of the stools even provide an occupation for the hands, an actual game.

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Yaacov Kaufman - Stools
photo: Itay Benit

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