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Studio AN +
(Natanel Elfassy & Avital Gourary)
in collaboration with Toshikatsu Kiuchi

2014 ,Under Blue Sky
Steel, steel cables, agricultural net, super foggers

The project proposes a unique planning and engineering solution for shading a large area economically and with a unique design presence. The shading element is composed
of an array of mesh strips hanging the length and breadth of the site with particularly
big openings and minimal construction. The project, which on the one hand provides a
generic solution, and on the other can be adjusted in accordance with the specific site
by adapting it to existing on-site elements, proposes transforming the architectural
space by creating "shade without shading" since the big openings conceal the shading
structure, leaving only the shade.

The project won the Steinberg Center category and can be adapted to any large
public space.

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The shading element was made possible with the support of:

Shade Design | Urban Shade in Israel
Photo: Rafi Deloya

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