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I'll start:

JF: Did you see the other day in which the business model that Twitter and such are following shares the methodology of Cedric Flazinski's work? From the patterns of use of users, businesses are being designed. The role of client, in design and in business, leads. How very YouTube this culture has become. (To read the article please click here)

The trip to London to meet with Simon Thorogood is starting to fill in with times set to spend with Marloes ten Bhomer, Judith Clark, and designers whom Lucy Orta has generously invited to gather. I will have an office in the London College of Fashion, thanks to Lucy, as a base which will really facilitate the full schedule amassing.


GD: I am all set to see Ying Gao in Montrel next week. I can't wait to see what the work is like in person, and to watch it "breath" and respond. It sounds incredible. Depending on your studio visit with Kelly Dobson at MIT, it could be a really nice counterpart to Ying Gao's work...such different approaches and different aesthetics but same general idea.

Like Clay in the Hands of the Curator | Graduates 2012
Maya Dvash
A visit to the graduate exhibition in the Department of Industrial Design at Bezalel reveals some interesting projects
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Design Lab #2
Maya Dvash
An interview with Galit Gaon about the Curating Design course, the fruits of which - interpretations of the concept of the New Olds exhibition - can now be seen at the Museum.
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International award for the design of the signage at the museum
Graphic designer Adi Stern has been awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Club Award for his design of the signage at Design Museum Holon.
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