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Magazine > March 2010

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JF: To recap our whirlwind four days in Holon and Tel Aviv might best be done through pictures. Our meetings with designers were so engrossing that sometimes I forgot to document what was going on! And as my route was sort of circuitous, via Zurich, due to bad weather, I missed your first day which I know was full.

Visit to Pini Leibovich's studio. What fun to see the much published balloon chair in actuality. The films his students made reveal what a gifted teacher he must be. And his process for writing a book is an art piece in itself.

Pini Leibovich
Meeting Pini Leibovich at his studio

Pini Leibovich
At Pini's Studio

Pini Leibovich
The Baloon Chair

I forgot to take pictures at our coffee meeting with the design team Reddish.
Our hotel offered a pleasant lounge where we could have a few casual meetings.

Ginger Duggan
Ginger Duggan

Judith Fox
Judith Fox

Galit, in her little red Fiat, zipped us around from meeting to meeting and studio to studio. And, to a most delicious hummus lunch. I'm ready to go back there!

 Galit's red little Fiat
The red little Fiat

We had a Meeting with Nirith Nelson, Art Director of The Jerusalem Center for the Visual Arts residency, where Marloes ten Bhömer, in our show, will be spending April. What a great confluence.
The Meeting took place at Design Museum Holon and introduced us to the museum staff. To meet these e-mail correspondents, putting face to name, makes the work so much more real!

Meeting at the studio of exhibition designers Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow.

Ami Drach and Ginger
Ami Drach and Ginger at the studio

Meeting at the charming home filled with fascinating objects of Chanan de Lange, exhibition designers, whose 11-year old son, Yehezkel Lazarovy , documented.

Chanan de Lange
Meetin at Chanan de Lange Home, as documented by Yehezkel Lazarovy

Galya Rosenfeld, fashion designer, met us at the hotel for breakfast, bringing along a few of her recent, transportable works.

Galya Rosenfeld
Galya Rosenfeld

Galya Rosenfeld
Details of Galya's work

Meetings at the Museum with all the departments that are engaged with the exhibition. 

Ginger and Galit Oz
Ginger Duggan and Galit Oz at the Museum

A zoom through The Israeli Cartoon Museum en route into a last flurry of meetings in Tel Aviv.
At Shenkar College of Engineering and Design we had a quick tour and saw student work. We peered into a class on the blog as sketch book-a really great idea and use of technology.

Judy in Shenkar College
Judy at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Meeting with fashion designers Yael Taragan and Claudette Zorea at a café before zooming off to the airport where we needed every single minute to make it through the lines and security.

Yael Taragan and Claudette Zorea
Claudette Zorea and Yael Taragan

My First Dragon
Michal Benzvi-Spiegel & Amnon Zilber
Leading up to the opening of the "Common Roots" exhibition in mid-November, we hosted young designer Alena Trafimava at the Museum with the support of the Polish Institute.
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Israeli design at Barcelona Design Week 2014
The Mayors of Barcelona & Holon announced the participation of Israel as guest country of the Barcelona Design Week 2014 during a visit to the Design Museum Holon.
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International award for the design of the signage at the museum
Graphic designer Adi Stern has been awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Club Award for his design of the signage at Design Museum Holon.
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