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Common Roots | Design Map of Central Europe | Exhibition Catalogue

Common Roots - Design Map of Central Europe
23/2/13 - 23/11/12

Leading guest curator: Agnieszka Jacobson

A catalogue with a distinctive format, comprising three booklets - Introduction, Past, and Present - bound together in an unusual way. The catalogue includes ten articles by the foremost East European researchers that add a historical dimension alongside references to contemporary design. Dozens of photographs of historical and contemporary design items enrich the perspective of the exhibition.

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Yohji Yamamoto at Design Museum Holon | Exhibition Catalogue Yohji Yamamoto at Design Museum Holon
5/7/12 - 20/10/12

Maestro of avant-garde fashion, Yohji Yamamoto remains one of the world's most influential and enigmatic designers and over the last forty years has made a vital contribution to fashion, challenging traditional norms of clothing with his style. The exhibition at Design Museum Holon is particularly meaningful as it coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Japan-Israel relationship and the 40th anniversary of Yamamoto's company, Y's.



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new olds Exhibition Cataloge

new olds - Design Between Tradition and Innovation
26/5/2011 - 10/9/2011

Curator: Volker Albus

The exhibition presents creative interpretations by contemporary designers for motifs from the past. The wide variety of works included in the exhibition indicates that these designers, most of whom are in their twenties and thirties, consider the past a source of inspiration and derive great pleasure from using an assortment of icons and symbols from various historical periods.

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Post Fossil Exhibition Cataloge

Post Fossil - excavating 21st century design
27/1/2011 - 30/4/2011

Curator: Lidewij Edelkoort

The 'Post Fossil' exhibition provides a glimpse into the future through materials, forms, and rituals of the past. The exhibition brings together over a 100 works of 63 designers who create and define design that focuses on natural and sustainable materials. They create shelter, tools, and machines, and revive archaic rituals that serve a more modest lifestyle, as if each of them were a Fred Flintstone of the future.

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Mechanical Couture Exhibition Cataloge Mechanical Couture - Fashioning a New Order
14/10/2010 - 8/1/2011

Curators: Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox

In recent years technological innovations have found their way directly into products and garments - either attached to the garment or as an integral part of it.
In this exhibition the exhibited pieces are the products of
incorporating machines into the design process and as part of the final product itself, as opposed to products designed to serve as a platform for exhibiting the technology.

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Senseware Exhibition Cataloge

Senseware - Tokyo Fiber
25/6/2010 - 4/9/2010

Curator: Kenya Hara

What is senseware? Kenya Hara, the exhibition director, describes it as "a matter that stirs the human creative instinct and awakens the desire to make things."
The aim of this exhibition is to deliberately bring a broad sweep of creators and technology people into contact with attractive new artificial fibers, encouraging them to think of applications that make the benefits of the material visible.

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The State of Things Exhibition Cataloge

The State of Things - Design and the 21st Century
4/3/2010 - 22/5/2010


Leading guest curator:
Barbara J. Bloemink, Phd

Sub curators:
Julie Lasky, Aric Chen, Garth Walker

The inaugural exhibition, is an international exhibition featuring approximately 100 objects. The research, collection and selection process undertaken by the four curators involved examining the work strategies of contemporary designers, the criteria that shape their choice of specific themes, the conceptual and technological development of the objects, their production process and their media reception.

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In Praise of Ignorance
Michal Benzvi-Spiegel & Amnon Zilber
All the pieces created by interaction artist and designer Daniel Rozin over the past fifteen years are mirrors that reflect the images of people standing in front of them.
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Jewelry Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design
Shira Shoval
The Department of Jewelry Design's graduating class presented a variety of diverse design approaches and forms of expression that allow us to examine the world of jewelry design
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The Return from Milan 2012
Maya Dvash
Returning from Milan is not always easy, and we are envious of anyone who manages to formulate their impressions, discover vogues, and share with such speed.
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