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Playing at Design Museum Holon
16 April 2014 -  07 June 2014
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Ron Arad designed two galleries, which provide two opportunities to view the design world from two different perspectives, two opportunities to learn, experience, and ask questions, two opportunities to tell a story. In this exhibition, we touch upon two opposite poles that express the connection between the world of creators - designers, architects, illustrators, and engineers and between the world of childhood and children. 

In the lower gallery, an exhibition curated by Yuval Saar of contemporary illustrations for children's books gives expression to the world of limitless possibilities. Illustration naturally enables both creators and readers to expand the limits of time, place, and physics. The existence of children's books as a link that ties together adults and children has not been eradicated by the virtual world. This intimate experience exists thanks to the precise yet immeasurable equilibrium between a written story, an illustrated story and a minimum of two participants. 

The upper gallery is concerned with the opposite end of the spectrum - the world of impossible limitations which we present through an examination of the vanishing world of playgrounds. The exhibition curator, Galina Arbeli, developed three detailed research maps that examine the importance of playgrounds in the context of urban culture over the past two centuries, beginning with the opening of the first pleasure gardens for adults. The planning and design of playgrounds has since undergone numerous transformations - giving rise to spaces for pleasure and play, educational playgrounds, architectural and natural playgrounds, and various types of playscapes, while eventually leading to today's fenced-in play spaces, which contain a scattering of facilities.

Two curators, two galleries, two points of view. Two thought provoking questions about the design and planning of imaginary spaces.

For more information about the lower gallery click here >>

For more information about the upper gallery click here >>

Playgrounds, Israel
Photo courtesy of Benny Rozen
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