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Magazine > August 2010

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JF: The last weeks have been so full with the production phase of the project there hasn't been a moment to reflect or report. All cylinders are firing and what a team we are part of!


GD: You said it! This part of the process is always exciting and crazy at the same time. Today we received the next round of designs for the catalogue and so we will have the chance to see how the ideas, essays and images come together and how well the sections work in that context. It's a nice preview to how it will come together in the space as well.
Design Mill's last round of exhibition design updates and photographs of the graphic design elements for the space look really nice and strong also.
The ideas are becoming very real!

Design Mill
Design Mill's exhibition design

Design Mill
Design Mill's exhibition design


JF: On Sunday, in the fall style supplement of the New York Times, there was a very cool picture of shoes with the extended caption: (click here to read the full article)

"Now, another clever bit of personalization: [Gaetano] Pesce's new shoe for the Brazilian company Melissa -- an ankle bootie composed of interconnected PVC circles, whose form can change at the whim of its owner with a swift slice of the scissors. Cut once, and the boot becomes a bootie; cut again, and it's a ballet flat, a peep toe, a sandal or a flip-flop. 'This is the future of mass production,' Pesce says. "

Customization? well, compared with Cedric's offerings, rather nominal!

But the remark of Pesce, " This is the future of mass production," says it all.


GD: Interesting!  To think that the conceptual projects included in our show represent some of the more groundbreaking designs that paved the way toward this re-definition of customization. 

Department of Textile Design graduates
Shira Shoval
Although textile is one of Man's primary expressions in material and one of the most commonly available materials around us, textile design is a subject that has not yet been suffi
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Dangerous Confessions | An Interview with Mushon Zer-Aviv
Tomer Spector
Good Listeners by Mushon Zer-Aviv presents and illustrates what goes on without our knowledge when we browse the internet.
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The Snake and Molting Legwear
Tal Amit
One of the main trends in the design world is the return to nature, to simpler and more basic forms. Regarding that, Camille Cortet has created a series of fashion accessories.
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