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The Design Lab is hosting Pini Leibovich, Yiftach Zdafee, and first-year students from the Department of Industrial Design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design for three months of activity and study in the Lab. The idea is to introduce visitors to the very first stages in the process of studying design, and reveal the initial place where the tools are built that mark the long road that does not end in academe, but continues throughout an entire lifetime.
Our work in the Lab is part of the main first-year course. The course is designed to provide the students with basic tools and insights with regard to terms such as context, concept, idea, form, structure, and function. The tools and insights developed over the year will, at the year's end, be assembled into a clear result.

This is a year course that moves along a central axis stretching over the whole year. This axis facilitates asking about and responding to, in action or words, the basic values we inculcate in the students; it provides time and breathing space for internalization and understanding of design values down the line.

So what do we actually do in the Lab?

We have set up a table on which, every week, the three-dimensional works the students have created during the previous week will be shown. The works are three-dimensional objects, made of craft board only, which constitute a personal expression and interpretation of a title that changes from week to week. To enable observation of the process, we defined a very clear exercise; we reduced the limits of the playing field and created structured rules of what is permitted and what is
not; within these limits, freedom is immense.

In the studio we observe our work, photograph and document the three-dimensional objects, and create series of photographs that provide an experience of and information about the object. After experiencing the object from a two-dimensional perspective, we can go back to it, and if necessary correct it.

Film: Tali Shiloh. Guidance by Pini Leibovich and Yiftach Zdafee, Department of Industrial Design, Shenkar College

In addition to observation of our work in the studio, we also engage in observing material in our close environment, and present insights from this observation in series of photographs and short films.

Film: Rotem Agmon and Rotem Ben-Shalom, Guidance by Pini Leibovich and Yiftach Zdafee, Department of Industrial Design, Shenkar College

Film: Maayan Fogel and Andrey Grishko, Guidance by Pini Leibovich and Yiftach Zdafee, Department of Industrial Design, Shenkar College

In the course of our work at the Museum we shall add new levels to the work, and respond to the unique place in which we are working.


- Introduction
- Lesson 1 - 27/10/2010
- Lesson 2 - 03/11/2010
- Lesson 3 - 10/11/2010
- Lesson 4 - 17/11/2010

Lesson 5 - 24/11/2010

- Lesson 6 - 1/12/2010

- Lesson 7 - 8/12/2010

- Lesson 8 - 22/12/2010
- Lesson 9 - 29/12/2010

- Lesson 10 - 5/1/2011
- Lesson 11 - 12/1/2011
- Last Lesson - 26/1/2011

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