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Tal Gur

Tal Gur (b. 1962), a graduate of Bezalel's Department of Industrial Design, 1996, became known in the last decade as one of Israel's prominent designers in the area of plastic light fixtures and objects manufactured in the rotational molding technology.
Some of the objects are produced as "home industry" in the studio at Kibbutz Gilgal in the Jordan Valley. Ever since he first embarked on his journeys to the Far East in 2000, particularly to Japan, Gur has been exploring various areas of craft in domains where design forms an integral
part in a dynamic texture of life-culture. 

Design Questionnaire

Q : When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?
A : Actually it happened somewhere between my 30' to 40' or maybe it is not happened yet. 

Q : How would you define your design style?
A : It is a very free and intuitive style.

Q : What would you do if you were not a designer/artist?
A : Doing the same without a title.

Q : Where do you draw your ideas/inspiration from?
A : It could come from combination of words or an ordinary material or an image that burn my attention for a minute and disappear.

Q : Who do you consult about works?
A : Usually I consult my works with Nirith, my partner for life. In fact – allways.

Q : Which of your projects do you consider a success?
A : How do you measure success?

Q : Which of your projects do you consider a failure?
A : See above, just change the last word before the question mark

Q : What is the first design work you can recall?
A : Bread

Q : To what extent do you believe that design should be functional?
A : Design can consider function in a conceptual or practical way, as long as it is somewhere there.

Q : Name a colleague you admire.
A : I don't use this word. I appreciate many

Q : What in your opinion is the greatest design invention in recent years?
A : Oven. To bake the bread

Q : With which personality from the past would you like to have coffee?
A : Moses

Q : Which materials interest/fascinate you most?
A : Paper

Q : What advice would you give a designer at the start of his career / What advice would you have liked to receive at the start of your career?
A : I got a good advice from Yaacov Kaufman – to do.

Q : What are your future projects?
A : Designing objects

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