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Daniel Brown | Designer

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown (b. 1977, UK) is a designer, programmer and artist specialising in the fields of creative digital technology, interactive design and applied arts. He works extensively with code, exploring the creative possibilities of algorithms to create moving images and ever-changing animations.
Brown has been acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of new media. He was named Designer of the Year by the Design Museum in London in 2004. His early experimental works are in the collections of the San Francisco MOMA and the V&A. His work includes new media work for the online fashion and art initiative SHOWStudio and the influential Noodlebox and Play/Create sites.

On Growth and Form, 2009
This is a new work commissioned by the V&A especially for Decode. Here Daniel Brown uses complex mathematical algorithms to make continuously animated flowers. His On Growth and Form series depicts ever-changing and continually growing flowers. The amorphous blooms depicted are inspired by objects in the V&A collection. Software (AS3)

Courtesy of the artist, in memory of Anthony Christopher Frey (1977-2008)

Design Museum Website questionnaire with Daniel Brown

When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

I was juggling a few ideas until I was about 16, then settled on digital design.

How would you define your design style?

Um, futuristic-traditional? I like to create innovative modern work that appeals to a classical sense of beauty and aesthetic.

What would you do if you were not a designer?

Be bored, most probably. My high school tried to convince me to be an accountant - that would have driven me mad.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Photography, nature, theatre and fashion

Who do you consult about works?

If I have to name one person I'd say my father

Which of your projects do you consider a success?

See next answer

Which of your projects do you consider a failure?

I'm a perfectionist so am never fully happy with any project, I'm always improving work well after the project has supposedly ‘finished'.

What is the first design work you can recall?

As a child I was always fascinated with the things on the top of electric trains that touch the power line. The ones that look like a wire cube, not sure what they called.

To what extent do you believe that design should be functional?

To the extent that the client / consumer wants. It's a misnomer to think consumers will always choose to functionality over beauty. Quite the opposite.

Name a colleague you admire.

Nik Roope

What have you learnt about design yourself?

It's very hard to predict what people will like, and you need to be willing to drop your own preference.

What in your opinion is the greatest design invention in recent years?

The internet or the mobile phone.

With which personality from the past would you like to have coffee?

Jesus, though I wouldn't force him to drink coffee.

Which materials interest you most?

Computers and screens, whatever form.

What advice would you give a designer at the start of his career or what advice would you have liked to receive at the start of your career?

I think the world is very different now to when I started, so I'm not sure the advice of yesterday would apply today. But I would say today that (sadly) being a successful designer or artist involves as much PR as it does creating great work, which in itself is no guarantee of financial success.

What are your future projects?

Sadly as always top secret as per the client's wishes!

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