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Karsten Schmidt | Designer

Karsten Schmidt

Karsten Schmidt (b. 1975, Germany), also known as Toxi, is the director of PostSpectacular, the London-based design studio. Code as a creative tool and open-source technologies lie at the heart of his practice. Schmidt believes in building his own tools, and his work stretches the possibilities of design through interdisciplinary practice and collaborative working. He was an early contributor to Processing.org, a website by Ben Fry and Casey Reas housing open-source programming language. His work is exhibited internationally, including at MoMA, New York. Recent projects include Forever, a generative multi-platform installation with designers Universal Everything (V&A, 2008) and a generative design identity for the onedotzero Adventures in Motion Festival 2009. The V&A has commissioned Schmidt to create an open-source marketing identity.

Enerugii Wa Antee Shite Inai (‘Unstable Energy'), 2006
This work is part of a collaboration called Advanced Beauty, a collection of works compiled and curated by Universal Everything. The body of work is a collection of moving image that were made in response to a composition made by Simon Pyke. These ‘video-sound sculptures' are inspired by synaesthesia, the condition in which senses are confused and sounds have physical manifestations.
Custom software (Processing)
Courtesy of the artist

Karsten Schmidt | Designer
Courtesy of the Artist

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