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Julius Popp | Designer

Julius Popp

Julius Popp (b. 1973, Germany) develops interdisciplinary works in which art and science converge. He trained as a photographer and studied at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. Popp has exhibited his work internationally including at MoMA in New York, the Art Basel 'Unlimited'and the Moscow Art Biennale. He has won many awards including the LVZ Kunstpreis, the Kunstförderperis der Akademie der Künste Berlin, the Adolf Luther Price at Ars Electronica and the Cannes Lions.

bit.code, 2009
bit.code is a visualisation of information taken from the internet.
The spinning chains represent the rapid nature of data as it moves through internet networks. At certain points the black and white chains align, displaying words collected from various internet sources, RSS feeds and news sites. The monochrome patterns can be deciphered and the words become readable.

BIT.CODE plays with the re-encoding of information and the recognizability of signs. It works with the infinite possibilities for combination of a finite number of bits, the smallest units of information.
The bits appear as black and white elements on the individual segments of the string. Each string is coded with the same bit pattern, which is reminiscent of Morse code. If the strings are moved in parallel, words seemingly appear (for a certain period of time) from ‘out of nowhere' and disappear again. The perceived information causes a short opportunity for pause, a moment of serenity, of clarity - before the incessant flow of constellations, motions and changes starts anew.

Energy chains, motors, electronics, and custom software.
Courtesy of Julius Popp, Leipzig
bit.code has been commissioned by the V&A in partnership with SAP, as part of the 'Decode: Digital Design Sensations' exhibition

Design Museum Website questionnaire with Julius Popp

When did you realize you wanted to be a designer? 


How would you define your design style? 


What would you do if you were not a designer? 

The same, but use a different word to describe it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

A vision, that humans will be able to understand themselves.

Who do you consult about works?

testing my own logic - after drafting a piece i put it aside for a long time.
when looking at it again, after a few month, you know if you should realize it, by hopefully understanding your own work.

Which of your projects do you consider a success? 

micro.adam and micro.eva - the outcome of the piece was knowledge.

Which of your projects do you consider a failure? 

bit.fall - it lead into a great and still lasting confusion 

What is the first design work you can recall? 

micro.adam and micro.eva

To what extent do you believe that design should be functional? 


What have you learnt about design yourself?

That there is a difference between your real world perception and your imagination.

Which materials interest you most?


What advice would you give a designer at the start of his career?

 Know what you want to say and why, then turn it into design.

What advice would you have liked to receive at the start of your career?

Live is not what you expect it to be.

What are your future projects?

redesign my message.

Julius Popp | Designer

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