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Magazine > Lesson #9

Lesson 9 - 27/12/2011

The Ball is Round
Last week each group was asked to present at least five ideas for an interaction inspired by a ball.

Design Lab | Interactive Design | HIT

Dana Mik, Doron Segal, Geva Rosenthal, Aviad Fux

Dome Lights
- a large ball that pulses in changing colors, and when approached it responds to each person with a different color. The colors mix when more than one person approaches it.

Pet Ball - a series of balls, each of which possesses the characteristics of a different animal. The series creates an interactive "petting farm".

Water Ripple - different balls create ripples on the water surface and influence one another with color and sound.

Shoal of Balls - like a shoal of fish that converges and diverges.

Ball Wall - balls that react to touch and change color. The balls function like pixels, enabling a new way of drawing on the wall.

Design Lab | Interactive Design | HIT

Dina Rubanovitch Even-Paz, Omer Ben-Naim, David Kantor

Air Xylophone
- balls floating on an air current, and changing their height by touch creates a sound.

Cheeky Can - the wastepaper basket that tosses the paper back.

Follow the Leader - three balls, each of which can make the other two perform a particular action.

Collector Ball - a ball that rolls and collects memories from its route, such as textures, images, or sounds.

Color Ripples - a table that reacts to balls that fall onto it by creating colorful ripples that combine and swell.

Kill Kramer - a ball throwing game. When you hit certain areas on the screen, the figure reacts with pain.

Returning Ball - a ball that comes back independently when thrown. What happens to the familiar game between man and dog when you take the dog out of the equation?

Roni Rosen, Shahar Yaacoby, Shmulik Mauda

Cam Ball
- a ball that photographs the person playing with it and projects the images onto the wall.

Crowded - a virtual audience reacts to the movements of a real ball.

Play Ball - with each bounce of the ball, part of the song is played. At the end of the game the song is adapted to the bouncing rhythm attained.

Ball-less - bouncing a ball without using a ball. The sounds of bouncing a ball on your foot and kicking it are played in reaction to the matching leg and foot movements.

Jenny Bahar, Osher Shukrun, Itay Kurgan, Shay Merci

Graphic Ball - bouncing, dribbling, and leading a ball over a surface leave matching graphics on it.

3D Catch - a game of tossing and catching a ball with the addition of augmented reality.

Physical Games - an animated hot air balloon changes its course in reaction to the number of weights the user picks up from the floor.

Responsive Balloons - balloons that move away from and draw close to the user and react to noise; balloons that are afraid of the sound of bursting.

Ball Studio - a space filled with different balls that play a range of sounds.

Design Lab | Interactive Design | HIT

Group Meetings and Reductions

After hearing the critiques of the class and instructors, each group sits separately and tries to improve and reduce their ideas to the three we will take further during the coming two weeks and make fully operational. The idea is to work modularly so that next week the interactions will partially work and we can understand the technical challenges and improve the interactions themselves.

Until next time...

Photographs by Itay Kurgan
Written by David Kantor


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