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aa studio | Romania | Design Studio

AA studio - Roger Pop (left) & Alex Adam (right)

AA studio is a Bucharest based interior design studio established in 2005 by Alex Adam and Roger Pop. From the very beginning the office made various arrangements and design projects: scenography and stage settings for the film "Amen" directed by Costas Gavras, interior design of two well known showrooms in Romania, restoration and rearrangement of an apartment in the Historical Center of Targu Mures and numerous residential interior design projects. We focus on creating residential and public interior design, as well as furniture design which characteristics are innovation, attention to detail and optimal aesthetic. AA studio has been responsible for the design of over 25 projects in Romania.



Alexe Popescu | Romania | Designer
Alexe Popescu

Radu Manelici | Romania | Designer
Radu Manelici

Alexe Popescu
www.alexe.ro / www.combina.ro

Alexe Popescu is a designer based in Bucharest. After graduating Polytechnical University - Mechanical Engineering and University of Arts - Design Department in Bucharest, he started a colorful career, moving between various design areas: advertising, branding, stencils, fanzines, product, type design, books and packaging. The product design journey started in 2007 with the launch (together with Radu Manelici) of Grafica Chair & Small Table and a series of city bags (Backpack & Minibag, Banner bag). He's currently building his own design label, "Combina", which includes a redesign of Grafica duo, Cookie Table and P-1 wallet, all following the same concept: 1 product = 1 material + 1 procedure.

Radu Manelici

Radu Manelici is a 27 years old Romanian designer working at the intersection of multiple fields, with a keen interest in the processes behind visual language. Radu graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2008. His activity so far has spread across many branches of design (product, scenography, graphic design and typedesign). His work generally exhibits his appeal for systems and grids which he uses to build designs and order content in general. Generating design solutions through social and environmental analysis and placing them in their related context is at the center of his current research.

Cristina Popescu Russu | Romania | Designer

Cristina Popescu Russu

Cristina Popescu Russu was born in Craiova, Romania. In 1975 she graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest. In 1976 she obtained the Master's Degree in ceramics. Since 1975 she has taken part in all national group exhibitions. Since 1980 she has been a member of the Union of Plastic Artists in Romania and since 1997 a member of "Kuratorium Europaische Kulturarbeit" Beratzhausen, Germany and in 2005, member of "International Contemporary Ceramic Art " Vienna, Austria. Between 1975 - 2005 she participated in five national ceramics and porcelain symposiums and works as free creative artist.

Dragos Motica | Romania | Design

Dragos Motica

I graduated the West University in Timisoara,  I studied Arts and specialized in Product Design in 2006 and architecture between 2006-2012 at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest.
Between 2007-2010 I worked as an interior designer for several  companies. Dragos Motica Studio is a Bucharest based design studio founded in 2008. I work within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy, experimenting and realizing prototypes in furniture, lighting, sanitary wear, and tableware design. In 2011 I designed “She Lamp”,  a lighting object for Dupont Corian at Milano Design Week. The studio was awarded several times by the Romanian Association of of Furniture Manufactorers and its projects have appeared in publications in Romania, Greece, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Hong-Kong and China.



Eliza Yokina | Romania | Designer

Eliza Yokina

Eliza Yokina was born in Bulgaria in 1979. After training to become a painter, she decides to follow the courses of ‘Ion Mincu' Architecture & Urbanism University in Bucharest, Romania for which she is granted a scholarship from the Romanian Ministry of Education. During her studies, she received several merit scholarships and prizes, together with the medal from the Ministry of Education for Exceptional Results at the Graduation Thesis. After graduation she works within several renowned architecture offices in Romania. In 2006, together with Adrian Soare, she sets up the architecture office SYAA with which she won multiple national and international architecture prizes and distinctions.

portrait photo by Oltin Dogaru



Emilian Dan Cartis | Designer | Romania

Emilian Dan Cartis

Emilian Dan Cartis is Lead Product Designer located in New York City. Trained in Finland (Product and Strategic Design at Aalto University) and United States (MID Pratt Institute as Fulbright Scholar), Emilian has a combination of skills and expertise in Product Design, Product Strategy, Design Management and Program Management. As a Lead Designer at Humanscale Design Studios in New York City, Emilian oversees and works with internal and external designers, engineers, manufacturers to design and deliver excellent and innovative ergonomic and sustainable products to market. He spent two years reformulating the communication, design and development process for Seating Program Group at HSDS, products responsible for 50% of the company yearly sales. The successful results have been an improved time to market, excellence in design language and platforms that deliver global product compliance. In addition his interests are in technology integration in the workspace (home or office), and the future of work.

Ioana Corduneanu | Romania | Designer

Ioana Corduneanu

I am determined to share my expertise in design by collaboration with partners intent on exceptional performance and growth. Extracting and integrating information from branding, communication and sales, I develop distinctive concepts that redefine standards and expectations in retail. At the border between spatial design and communication - Responsible for developing and extending the communication between the brand and the customer. I work on the retail guidelines starting with imagining the customers' journey, materialising how to seduce, help, value, sell or cross-sell to them, while infiltrating the brand values into subtle sensorial perceptions: volumes, lights, materials, finishings.

portrait photo by Ioana Cordune

Marius Marcu Lapadat | Romania | Designer

Marius Marcu Lapadat

Marius Marcu-Lapadat, born in 1956, was trained as an architect and is currently an Associate Professor in the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest. In 2012 he was elected as Dean of the Faculty of Interior Design. He is the author of various projects in the field of design, interior design and architecture and he runs his own design office, MB Studio, in association with Ghighi Bejan. Marius is the winner of an honourable mention in "Schinkenchiku Residential Design Competition" in Tokyo and of the Special Prize for excellence in Design in Bucharest Biennale of Architecture. Marcu-Lapadat was the president of the "Romanian Design Foundation" in 1997-98 and Commissioner of the Romanian Pavilion in Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008 and 2010. He was appointed as expert for "Mies van derRohe Architectural Prize, edition 1998" and was invited in several international juries for design competitions.

NUCA studio | Romania | Design Studio

NUCA Studio

NUCA Studio is an architecture and design office founded in 2008 by architect Robert Marin and set designer Ramona Macarie.
The bureau's main activity is architecture and interior design, but since 2007 the founders activate in the  object - design area  by participating, among other things to the Salone Satellite at Milan 2007 as the first romanian presence as young designers team to an event at such scale , Elle Design Young talent, Milan 2009.
Our works ware published in professional magazines from within and outside the country and received numerous awards.

Virgil Scripcariu | Romania | Designer

Virgil Scripcariu

Virgil Scripcariu was born in 1974. In 2002 he graduated the Sculpture Faculty in Bucharest. Scripcariu's works are mainly figurative, exploring the human figure and placing it in different compositional contexts. Most of his works are to be found in private collections in Romania, but also in the public space. In 2004 and 2009, he was remarked as one of the top artists of his generation, by a prestigious art foundation in Romania, Anonimul, with a nominalization for the great Prize Prometheus Opera Prima. He represented Romania in 2 important European Festivals in Brussels: Europalia 2007 and Tipping Point 2010. He is collaborating with a group of architects lead by Serban Sturdza. Together they created projects, such as BOLT, the Romanian Pavilion in the Architecture Biennale in Venice, in 2008. In 2010 he was built a protest show, 412X4.ro, against the abusive cutting of the trees, in the public urban space. Virgil Scripcariu is married and the father of 5 children. Together with his wife, he is working on all ages educational projects, about crafts and cultural heritage.

Serban Sturdza | Romania | Designer

Serban Sturdza

Graduated the Institute of Architecture "Ion Mincu" in Bucharest (1971) he settled in Timisoara. Opposing the official discourse, the architectural drive he imposed in the early 70s in Timisoara was a singular position within the Romanian architectural landscape of the time. Since 1991 he runs his own design studio, a fellowship more than an organisation, whose inner artistic morals refers to an ideal manner to make architecture, a sophisticated contextual approach with deep phenomenological roots. Three aspects of Sturdza's design: the endless jeweller-like work in the refining of any design, the mere "transfiguration" that the most common concrete object gets on his drawing board, and the unusual belief that architecture could convey the author's own emotions along with general human dramas.
The activity of the studio covers a wide range of studies: large urban projects, various new buildings, rehabilitation and remodelling of existing buildings and interior spaces, and also objects more or less connected to architecture, each design work becoming a silent yet touching manifesto reiterating the aim at preserving the cultural and existential quality of things - natural and manmade alike - and of their meaning.

Radu Teaca | Romania | Designer

Radu Teaca

Radu Teaca (b.1961, Romania), doctor in architecture, professor at University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" Bucharest, author of numerous projects of buildings, interior design and object design, received awards at prestigious architecture competitions in Romania, such as Architecture Biennale Bucharest, Architecture Annuale Bucharest, Arhitext Design, two nominations at Brick Awards (Vienna). His works were published in numerous magazines and books on the subject.
From the desire to address space to various scales, architect Radu Teaca designed projects of various sizes starting from urban-scale projects to object designs.

portrait photo by Cosmin Bumbut

Croatia / Czech / Estonia / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / RomaniaSlovak / Slovenia
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