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Sixten Heidmets | Estonia | Designer

Sixten Heidmets

Born in 1978 in Tallinn, Estonia. He studied interior architecture at the Estonian Academy of Artsand later graduated from the Academy product design department. He studied for his master at Lund University. From 2005 he is a tutor in the Estonian Academy of Arts product design department and is an associate Professor since 2007. Heidmets is an active industrial designer, cooperated with several companies and organizations, such as NASA, Otto Bock Scandinavia, NCC & Aquator. He established Fellin Furniture brand and product with Sirli Ehari and won several prizes, among them: first place of SÄSI best young designer prize in 2005, BRUNO Estonian design award for the Fellin Furniture item LOOM as the special prize for an original product; Estonian Cultural Foundation creative grant Live and Shine.

Jaanus Orgusaar | Estonia | Designer

Jaanus Orgusaar

Designer Jaanus Orgusaar is an award-winning Estonian designer, who became famous in the early 90-ies as a shoe and fashion designer. He won both international competitions and the hearts of the Estonian nation with his peculiar and unpredictable ideas that found their form in boots looking like creatures from out of space. He turned to product design four years ago founding his own studio Borealis. His creations stand out of trends, they are autonomous and unquestionably original. His main feature is his 3D thinking. His stock in trade is modelling 3D objects out of two- dimensional sheet materials. He models his lamps the same way he used to model his shoes. His mind travels on a trajectory following the path of bionic structures and patterns of universe.

Juri Kermik | Estonia | Designer

Jüri Kermik

Jüri Kermik has an international reputation for research in materials and furniture design, for both small scale and volume production. With a degree in Interior Architecture and Furniture from the Estonian Art Academy he became one of the leading young designers of the 1980s. Based in Tallinn, and running his interior design studio while actively exhibiting, Kermik developed furniture designs for production as a critical standpoint in relation to the prevailing tendency for ‘art-design’. In 1990 Kermik moved to London to extend his research interests at the Royal College of Art. His doctoral thesis, focused on the history of plywood technology in furniture design. Joining the University of Brighton in 2003, Kermik developed the Design Technologies subject area, and currently leads Design and Craft within the School of Architecture and Design. He retains an international presence founded on expertise in materials technology and experimental design applications. A sharpened focus on environmental concerns provides the context for Kermik’s current research projects in ecological design.

Kerttu Laane | Estonia | Designer

Kerttu Laane

Kerttu Laane (b. 1985, Estonia) is an artist and designer specialising in textile design and Estonian national handcraft. She likes to work with old handcraft tecniques combining them in a modern connection. Her works have been presented in Salone Satellite Pavillion Fiera Milano, "Via Baltia" in Vilnius and Ambiente in Frankfurt. She has been nominated in Estonian young designers competition SÄSI and Estonian design competition BRUNO.

portrait photo by Andres Treial

Kristi Paap | Estonia | Designer

Kirsti Paap

Kristi Paap (b. 1973, Estonia) is a jewellery artist who mostly works with the themes of nature. She uses large variety of materials including plastic and epoxy, wood and cherry stones. Paap's work has been shown at international exhibitions including "Challenging the Châtelaine!" (curated by Helen W. Drutt), Cheongju Craft Biennaale, Koru3. Her work can be found in the collections of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Västra Götalandsregion Competence Centre on Intimate Partner Violence, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Pavel Sidorenko | Estonia | Designer

Pavel Sidorenko


Pavel Sidorenko is an Estonian designer. He was born in 1980 in Tallinn, Studied Product design at Estonian Academy of Arts and Graduated in 2006. His aim is to create functional and playful products that retain its simplicity, interacting with the space and user. Sidorenko creates not only incorporate pragmatic necessity, but also to transmit an emotional quality within the everyday environment.

Janno Roos | Estonia | Designer
Janno Roos

Andres Labi | Estonia | Designer
Andres Labi

Ruumilabor Ltd

Ruumilabor Ltd was founded in 2004 by two young Estonian interior designers Andres Labi and Janno Roos. Its main field of activity is interior and product design. Both designers graduated from the department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design of Estonian Academy of Arts. They design interiors for hotels and office environments, official rooms of state agencies and restaurants in Estonia and abroad. They represented Estonia on EXPO World Exhibition in Shanghai in 2010, and were one of the authors of the Estonian Pavilion. Several of Ruumilabor product designs are now in manufacturing in Estonia. One of the pieces of the Uluk series won the Annual prize for Estonian Society of Interior Architects for furniture design and has been included in the permanent collection of Estonian Museum of Applied Art And Design. The company is well-known for its reliability, and in providing unique design solutions. Today, Ruumilabor is one of the most distinctive interior design companies in Estonia.

Croatia / Czech / Estonia / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / RomaniaSlovak / Slovenia
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