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Agnieska Bar | Poland | Design

Agnieszka Bar

Polish designer specializing in glass material. Focused on the design of utility glass and creating visual projects. She is also teaching and training in the field of design. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Faculty of Design, Glass Design. She studied applied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and the Technic University of Liberec, Faculty of Design. Currently an assistant at the Laboratory of utility glass design at his alma mater. Co-founder of design group Wzorowo and currently a designer.

Anna Loskiewicz & Zofia Strumillo-Sukiennik | Poland | Designers

Anna Loskiewicz & Zofia Strumillo-Sukiennik http://www.bezaprojekt.pl 

Beza Projekt is a multi-disciplinary studio which is oriented around the idea of exploration the design as such. We design objects that are supposed to be products and at the same time exhibits suitable for the contemporary gallery. Beza Projekt not only seeks for obvious purposes and functions, but also strives to introduce certain irony in our projects so as to bring about a smile on the face of even the most hardened cynics. Our goal is to persuade people to play with the objects and interiors they are surrounded by, not to mention the environment they live in. 

Bartosz Mucha | Poland | Designer

Bartosz Mucha

Graphic artist, 2 and 3D designer, singer, creator of poor design brand, lecturer. He received a degree in poster design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. His work encompasses both art and design. He uses a concept introduced by himself called functional fixation, which stands for the inability to discern a new functional use of an object already associated with another function. He rebels against stereotypes regarding the functionality of utilitarian objects and modern life schemes. His works were presented at international exhibitions around the world. 

Arek Wolski | Poland | Designer

Arek Wolski

Born in 1972, Warsaw, Poland. During the studies (University of Gdansk- physical oceanography), he "found" amber, it was love at the first sight, great hobby. After the graduation in 1998, he decided to start working as a goldsmith, and built up his own workshop. He is self-taught person. Member of Group Six.
From Design to Art: "I strictly divide my activity. First part, taking most of my time is design. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to create well designed product, widely accepted by public. But the most important for me is being an artist from time to time, but only in case, when i have something important to say- in my opinion".

Baba Akcja | Poland | Designers studio


Klementyna, Zosia and Monika met during their studies in industrial design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
They established BabaAkcja in 2005 as a collaboration through which they could realize their ideas and play with design. Traveling was always part of their lives and Skype part of the design process. They have participated in exhibitions in places like Tokyo, New York, Seoul or Berlin. Today they continue to work together even though Klementyna has since relocated to Tel Aviv and Zosia and Monia are currently living in Warsaw.

Bashko Trybek | Poland | Designer Bashko Trybek

Bashko Trybek was born in 1977 in Gdansk Poland. He stud­ied architec­ture and pho­to­graphy and worked as a graphic designer and art dir­ector for pol­ish life­style magazines such as Fluid and Exclusiv. He established his own graphic design stu­dio Mundaka and cur­rently working on new furniture collection.

BETON Marta Rowinska& Lech Rowinski | Poland | Designers


BETON was launched in Warsaw by Marta Rowinska and Lech Rowinski. It is dealing with architecture, industrial design, graphic design. BETON creates costumes and set designs for theatre and invents wearable clothes and useful accessories. BETON works for cultural institutes, foundations, theatres, festivals and open-minded individuals. By now it created numerous posters and graphic identities for independent cultural events; quite a few books, typefaces, pieces of furniture, spatial objects, clothing collections, bag collections, geometrical structures, stage designs for independent theatre groups.

Daria Burlinska | Poland | Designer

Daria Burlinska & Wojtek Traczyk
www.dbwt.pl / www.facebook.com/dbwt.design

DBWT is design studio founded in early 2008 by a pair of designers: Daria Burlinska and Wojtek Traczyk. They specialize in product/space/graphic design as well as providing consulting services in the areas of design. DBWT is focusing on the use of unconventional materials, i.e. recycled industrial waste. DBWT had been exhibited widely, from iSaloni to 100%Design London.

Joanna Bylicka | Poland | Designer Joanna Bylicka

Joanna Bylicka is a graduate of the Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She designs furniture, ceramics and light collections. All of her creations are unique and made ??by hand. Distinctive shape, strong color saturation coupled with Utmost accuracy of execution are the hallmarks of the artist-designers works. In her unique pieces of furniture she reconciles the techniques of ceramics with gusto. She is the winner of awards and honors and exhibited in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Joanna Rusin | Poland | Designer

Joanna Rusin

Joanna Rusin founded her carpet & textile design studio in 2004.
She creates unique carpets and cooperate with the industry.
In her work she experiments with using industrial woolen felt.
She treats carpets as imagination stimulating objects for interior creation. She creates carpets-sculptures, jigsaw puzzle carpets, and jewellery carpets. In 2010 she was awarded with a scholarship from Polish Minister of Culture for developing her Interactive Carpet Project. Her carpets have been frequently awarded and presented at numerous exhibitions and fairs. 

Kalimba | Poland | Designer

Natalia Luniak

I was born in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland. Studied graphic arts (lithography) at the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw. In 2004 I founded Kalimba. I was inspired by my first daughter, Helena; the first toys I created were designed for her. The main goal in my designs is that the toys appeal not only to children, but to their parents as well - I believe that when they play together, it is advantageous for both sides. Kalimba toys are sold not only in Poland, but in Germany, France, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and even Australia. In 2006 I opened Kofifi Kalimba - a shop / cafe in Zoliborz in Warsaw. It is a place where apart from having a cup of delicious coffee and buying toys, board games and children’s books, you can attend various events, from exhibitions, to meetings and various games and workshops for kids and adults. Apart from designing toys I also do graphic design, recently I’m occupied with screen printing. Currently, since 2011, I live in Berlin.

Karina Marusinska | Poland | Designer Karina Marusinska

Karina Marusinska (born 1983) is a graduate from Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Faculty of Ceramics Design (2003-2008). She has also studied at Pais Vasco University in Bilbao, and at the Institute of Ceramics in Guebwiller, France, later she graduaded from postgraduated Studies in Design Management, Warsaw. Marusinska is currently working as an assistant lecturer at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design. She is a member of the art group Luhuu! and design group Wzorowo. Also co-operates with independent artists. Marusinska's work balances between art and design, including other disciplines of art such as sculpture, performance, installation, video, photography or site-specific realization. She also experiments within framework of interdisciplinary projects

Knockoutdesign | Poland | Designers


Knockoutdesign is a multidisciplinary design practice established in 2009 by Marta Florkowska-Dwojak, Magda Juszczak, Dorota Kabala and Maya Ober. Knockoutdesign consists of two design offices, one in Tel Aviv-Yaffa and one in Warsaw. Knockoutdesign's works explore the meeting point of cultures, technology, high-tech and craftsmanship. Philosophy of the practice is to work across disciplines, what can be seen in many projects merging industrial, urban and graphic design.
Knockoutdesign was commisioned by a selection of companies and institutions including Warsaw City Council, Bat Yam City Council, Draftfcb, Sits, Hedoco and others. Practice's works were widely published in book editions, design reviews, magazines, design portals and newspapers.

Ewa Bochen & Maciej Jelski | Poland | Designers

Ewa Bochen & Maciej Jelski - Kosmos Project

Kosmos Project is a design studio set up in 2006 by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski. The studio is based in Warsaw, Poland. Their projects are inspired by observations of modern society and basic social phenomenon. Kosmos Project ‘s goal to find new means of expression that could state the needs of our times full of uncertainty and chaos. Their philosophy is to create meaningful objects. The group is the holder of the Ministry of Polish Culture grant - The Young Poland , they won a I prize in Suite d'Autore competition in Palermo Italy, II prize in International Space Creators Awards in Tokio Japan. Their works were shown, among others in DMY Berlin, Fuori Salone Milan, Lodz Design Festival , Unpolished Exhibition, Design Week Budapest.

Maciej Gasienica Giewont | Poland | Designer

Maciej Gasienica Giewont
http://giewontstudio.pl https://www.facebook.com/MaciekGasienicaGiewont

"I was born in 1974 in Zakopane in Poland, however I live and work not necessary there. I am trained carpenter and passionate woodturner. I started my adventure with woodturning in mid 90s. Wood is a primary material I work with. Through shift of attention from form to character dishes lose their utility: dishes become objects. Bowls become wood back. In my work I use most of all natural qualities of wood, which usually are seen as its faults: all kind of defects, cracks, knots and original structure of rings and over colouring. That's why keen observation of the material in the creation process is so important. If possible, only minor interventions should be apply. Years of experience with wood made me realise that the most beautiful is raw wood. It looks best not only on freshly made dishes, but also, or most of all on works experienced by time.

Malafor | Poland | Designers

Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Pawel Pomorski

It has all started in 2004. One year after graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Poland) we decided to establish MALAFOR not only as an idea but as a brand, which we still develope. In recent years, we have also directed our steps to more industrial approach, which led us to create "Activ Basket" - a shopping basket for disabled people moving on a wheelchair. Even though utility is an important factor, we consider concept as the most valuable aspect in our work. In search of innovation, we try to find new uses for the commonly known materials. It also happens that we notice and change the context of people's conventional customs. While designing, we have elaborated a perfect balance in our work. We treat seriously the functionality of our projects, while we have fun in creating their image and idea.

Matylda Krzykowski | Poland | Designer

Matylda Krzykowski

 Matylda Krzykowski is an initator, curator and designer, she is primarily interested in design as a vehicle for communication and content distribution, particularly in connection with the designers themselves. Krzykowski creates a variety of projects in which she emphasises aesthetics and personality, based on the moment of experience. She has created an extraordinary arena for contemporary design with her ‘firsthand design journalism’ ??blog, where she introduces designers to the ‘drawn interview.’ Since 2009 she works as project manager and scenographer and is co-founder of Depot Basel, a temporary place for contemporary design. 

Oskar Zieta | Poland | Designer

Oskar Zieta

Since 2003 Oskar Zieta has been working as a research associate and a teaching assistant at the chair of CAAD at the ETH in Zurich where he is writing his doctor thesis under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt. Zieta Prozessdesign is a multidysciplinary team including architectures, designers, technologist, researchers, marketers as well as philosopher.
Our main goal is to deliver uniqueness and customization in design and constructions while keeping the production, transport and warehousing innovatively efficient. We invented FiDU - the technology of the future. Individualized shapes: It is the most flexible tool-less metal forming way ever.

Piotr Stolarski | Poland | Designer

Piotr Stolarski

Piotr Stolarski is a Warsaw based designer working in the variety of fields from product and furniture design to graphic design and visual communication. Co-founder of Gogo Design Collective, now runs his own design studio and was awarded with numerous prizes. Together with Towarzystwo Projektowe has worked on numerous projects including Bielsko-Biala Municipal Wayfinding System honoured with STGU Design of the Year Award, street furniture for the city of Bielsko-Bia?a and the winning design for the Bus Stop for Warsaw competition. His Magazin furniture system got him to the finals of the Young Design 2010, and his Log Radio got awarded at DMY Design Festival Berlin in 2008.
Besides design he's passionate about cooking and vintage motorsports.

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