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A+Z | Hungary | Designers

A+Z design - Attila F. Kovács , Zsuzsa Megyesi
www.attilafk.com , www.a-z.eu.com

Attila F. Kovács was born in Pécs , Hungary and studied architecture and design. Acknowledged as an innovative designer he won the most prestigious film award in Hungary. Later he spent two years in Italy to design sets for Wagner's tetralogy "The Ring" for the Royal Opera House in Turin. He took part in several solo and group shows from 1988 until now. In 2000 he designed the " House of Terror Museum" which became a landmark of Budapest with his creative transformation of the existing building and won the Kossuth prize the highest art prize from the goverment. Later he started working with Zsuzsa Megyesi as partner in enterior design and styling. They found A+Z design company, and created their succesfull Gipsy collection and the senUFO original's Pillhead lamp. Their design work was launched in Tent London exhibition during the LDF in 2010 and 2011, and won the prestiges Elledekor and Livingetc prize and got a publicity world wide.


Andras Rigler | Hungary | Designer

Andras Rigler

Andras Rigler was born in 1977, Budapest. He started to deal with sculpture at NAPUT Academy of Art  in 1998. He moved to South France in 1999 and he took part at several collective and individual exhibitions. From 2002 he attended the Academy of Art at Marseilles. After the 1rst semester he changed his subject to
Design and got his degree with honors in  in 2006. After nishing his studies he was invited to several international exhibitions.
In his “statuesque associations” such as furniture, decorative elements, articles for personal use, or even useless articles, he analyses the relation of aesthetics, function and instincts. He lives and works in Paris.

Bernadett Bodor | Hungary | Designer Bernadett Bodor

Bernadett Bodor (born 1975, Hungary) is an artist of jewelery. She has acquired her degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest in 2005. Bernadett was participating in Escola Massana of Barcelona ERASMUS program. The textile and metal-combination is her main interest. Using traditional textiles technique such as knitting, lacing and crochet. The use of soft and supple textures contrast to the harsh elements of metal objects which change to strong and robust.




Boglárka Imrei | Hungary | Designer
portrait by Eva Szombat & Dora Taskovics

Boglárka Imrei

Metal designer Boglárka Imrei ('85) is qualified in Product Design and Design Management from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest in 2009 and in 2010. Nowadays she is working as a freelance designer. Illustrations, jewels, objects for children, public-art sculptures, and social design projects are some of her interrests. Her „Dino chair" won 2nd Prize on the 3rd Hungarian Children Toy Award in 2009, organised by: Hungarian Design Council and Association of Hungarian Artists. In the frame of a teamwork and charity action she designed several animal characters and installed wall stickers at SOTE's Pediatrics Clinic Budapest. Most of her works are in connection with animals and animal shaped objects as she believes these can bring fun into life. She likes to find diverse ways in chatacters' design, both in 2D and 3D versions. She feels it important to give them personality.


Co&Co ethos | Hungary | Designers

Co&Co ethos

We live in a hard - line consumer society. We try to stay afloat among produce, products, and constant information flow. If we find firm grounds for dreaming and creating it becomes easier. We are one of these firm, dependable place you can chose. A brand is only a possibilty. A brand is only a tool and a memory. A brand is only imagination and dream. A brand is only a religion, but not faith. Religion is subjective. Faith is objective. Surviving In the Fair trade, integrated marketing and sustainable development triangle will only be possible with the help of DESIGNCOMMUNICATION.

DOMBON-A-TANYA | Hungary | Designers


Dombon-a-tanya is a design workshop were we create objects uniting traditional knowledge of craftsmen with clean-cut design approach. Our aim is to articulate the values of smart designed and well made objects, and show that the routine tasks can also be loveable, inspiring and deliberating. Objects of Dombon-a-tanya stem from function without any unneccessary details. In their case a very clear thought is associated with a clear shape. Our goal is to give an opportunity to experiment with the given tasks and to find our own system and the joy in them.




Gyorgy Agotai | Hungary | Designer
Photo by Benze Farkasinszky

Gyorgy Agotai

Young Hungarian artist and designer, lives and works in London since 2010. His work ranges from simple and cheap concepts to luxury hand crafted products and packaging.
Designing with existing objects placed into a different context is one of his often and well used method especially when there is not enough support, budget, technique or time available for a project.

István Böjte | Hungary | Designer

István Böjte

István Böjte is a product/jewellery designer, graduated recently at NABA Milano in product design. After several years of experience in the field of jewellery design took place in Padua and Vicenza, he moved to Milan to continue his studies in Product Design. In the last years several times he exhibited at the Triennale di Milano, participated at Milan Design Week and collaborated with different studios and companies in the creative areas. István is attracted by the material integrity and longevity of everyday objects . His recent work explores traditional technologies and materials, while introducing basic mechanical principles and applications. He currently lives and works in Milan.

IVANKA | Hungary | Design Studio

IVANKA | Hungary | Design Studio
photos by Stefania Szilagyi


IVANKA Studio and Concrete Factory is a Budapest.
headquartered firm founded by Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka in 2003. Its endeavour is to create desire by envisaging distinctive designs and to execute them with the background of an organized technological drive. Their work is based on the versatile nature of CONCRETE - main material chosen for creative expression through discovering unexplored attributes.
The Ivankas are dreamers and doers living in the fabulous city of Budapest in the middle of Central Europe, where the 20-year old fragile democracy is now facing a most serious paradigm shift. Through their creations with concrete, their affinity for the material and a constant search for new technological solutions, their work speaks volumes about their country of origin, and also about their approach to design.
Since its inception, IVANKA Studio has made a name for adding a design perspective to what is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material. The IVANKA brand acts like a living organism that conceived and born, it enters relationships, has values, a unique identity and a personality. It loves to take risks and to improve based on both intuition and strategies.

Janos Hubler | Hungary | Designer Hubler Janos Mihaly

Hubler Janos Mihaly (b. 1975, Hungary) graduated in 2004 as a sculptor and got his PhD degree in 2012, in Budapest, Hungary. He lives and works there. He has worked with other artists and with several young Hungarian architects many times over the last decade. His collaborative phd masterpiece, the Growing Structures, The Metamorpose Of The Material, won the Grand Prix in the JCE Biennial Montrouge, France in 2009. He often works with concrete and uses the leftover, unused books from the Archive of the Free Europe Radio. He was exhibited with the Hubler Table in the Salone del Mobile, Milan, in the Hidden Heroes selection in 2010.

Judit Lantos | Hungary | Designer

Lantos Judit

Lantos Judit lives and works in Szentendre. She works as a ceramist since 1988 using manely with clay and porcelain.
Since 2003 she works as an individual ceramist in her own studio.
Lantos is inspired by several ways of ceramic art, She loves creating pure design objects. Some of these objects are sometimes a little bit strange and grotesque. In her work she uses craquellé and crawling glazes, and experiments with strange looking glazes. As raw materials she uses simple red clay and low temperature slip casting Creaton masses. Her works can be found in several galleries. Her exhibition pieces and everyday objects are often shown in the Hungarian "Elle Dekor". In 2006 she organised The Company of the Ceramists of Szentendre. As the president of the group she exhibites her works in the company of 18 other ceramic artists. The main inspiration of her work comes from the music and texts of Nick Cave.

Lipoczki Akos | Hungery | Designer Ákos Lipóczki

Akos Lipóczki (b.1978, Hungary) is a versatile designer who is creating in many areas of design not just his own profession in jewellery design. LIPI ZOO rings, are well acknowledged by Hungarian Musems and Galleries and also at foreign exhibitions in Berlin / DesignMai  in London / 100% Design and Milan / iSaloni.
Beside the leading of LIPI Design Studio, he is DLA graded Assistant Professor of the Hungarian Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

Zoltan Lubloy | Hungery | Designer

Zoltan Lubloy

Zoltan Lubloy started his design studio LUBLOY several years ago. He is producing contemporary porcelain designs in the goal to change the way how people think about porcelain. Nowadays more and more designs come out from his atelier helping him achieve his goal not only in Hungary but worldwide as well. As a porcelain designer he finished his studies at MOME where he teaches today. Functional pieces with non-usual shapes and vivid patterns play main role in his art, but often help companies refresh their products.

Noémi Gera | Hungary | Designer Noémi Gera

Noémi Gera (b. 1974, Hungary) is a jewellery and object designer. Her works have been exhibited in Hungary and all around the world. Her jewellery is in the permanent collection of the Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts. She won several prizes, among them the Hungarian Design Award. As a winner of the Kozma Lajos applied arts prize Noémi Gera designed jewellery with texts after years of creative research and development. The theme is love. The items of jewellery are adorned with inscriptions taken from Hungarian literature and folklore. The objects bear proverbs, riddles, puns, nursery rhymes, charms, folk songs and poems.

Odett Rappensberger | Hungery | Designer

Odett Rappensberger

Odett Rappensberger, born in 1981 in Hungary. graduated at 2009 as a porcelain designer from Danmarks Designskole in Danmark. Her interest lies in the making of functional, everyday, honest, and at the same time exciting pieces. Her goal is to recover the appreciation, individuality and distinctiveness of functional ceramics by adding a little twist of new look to the well known forms and shapes. She works mostley with Porcelain to develop different shapes and create a playful and distinctive look: "My work expresses all that I find essential in life, and all the principles I follow while creating my pieces.They are all a reflection of me, a person living on the borders of two different worlds and being influenced by two different cultures. These unique porcelain pieces I believe have their beauty in their distinctiveness and sensuality, in their own identity and special harmony, which qualities I am intended to keep on working with regarding my future work as well."

Péter Toronyi | Hungary | Design Péter Toronyi

As a designer I consider it important to pay attention to the actual needs and problems of people and try to come up with valid and mature solutions to those. I have gained much experience during the past years. I have learnt to honor and respect my fellow designers, designing as a profession and all activities that require time and effort. The thought that we can really help each others as designers, people and friends leads my work as a designer. Otherwise what else would make sense then doing something for the love and joy of work that we feel before, during and after constantly while we move on and look for new challenges. I have won the Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition 2010 (Japan) the RedDot Design Award 2011 (Singapore) the Hungarian Design Award 2011 (Hungary) with the Nissyoku lamp.

POS1T1ON | Hungary | Design Team


POS1T1ON Kollektíva was founded by five friends as a result of a creative initiative at the beginning of 2010. Their objective is to perform complex designing tasks by making use of the diverse design skills of the team. Accordingly, POS1T1ON possesses state-of-the-art technical skills as well as a modern approach in all the applied creative fields (graphic design, branding, image design, package design, web design, furniture design and interior design). With the combination of all these skills, POS1T1ON is able to provide creative services, supplying small orders and complex design tasks alike.

Sára Kele | Hungary | Designer Sára Kele

Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1983. I studied in Budapest and Rome, and graduated at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2009, with an MA in industrial design engineering. My thesis project ‘BICO' - an urban bike sharing system - won the prestigious Graduation Prize of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineering. As an interdisciplinary approach is necessary for any designer, I studied - beyond my primary design studies - architecture, aesthetics and cultural anthropology.
Since graduation I've been working as a freelance designer. I've worked in many different team and project structures, workshops, both locally and internationally. My work consists of a colorful spectrum of furnitures, everyday objects, branding and graphic designs and interior design projects - of which many have been extensively recognized and awarded, both locally and internationally. I've exhibited in Budapest at the Lakástrend Furniture Fair, and I had a solo exhibition at Forma store. Last year I was invited to the 100% Design Show in London, and won various awards with the Wally bedside table, including a spot in the Conran Shop's ‘Must See Trail'.

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