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Atelier SAD | Designers | Czech

Anna Kozova & Jerry Koza

Jerry Koza and Anna Kozova has been awarded by visitors of Designblok 06 the prize for the best presentation. They were nominated for a CZECH GRAND DESIGN award in the category of The Designer of the Year, for the collection of toys. One of these toys - Torpedo, has been awarded as The Best Prototype of Designblok 08. In the year 2010 she participated on project of monitoring system for seniors, which, together with Trash Made Rainbow watch received nomination on Czech Grand design award 2010.

Jakub Berdych | Designer | Czech Republic

Jakub Berdych for Qubus Design studio

Bucket vase collection of glass vases - The time-tested and not changing shape of the plastic bucket gains a new dimension and context. This ordinary object is promoted to the level of an artifact and a designer object for collectors thanks to a new perception and the materials used to be combined with. Designer Jakub Berdych was fascinated by the simple shape of a bucket and as his works often rely on contradiction of things and new relationship, Bucket vase collection is a process of raising one ordinary product into a new beautiful object. 

KONCERN DESIGN STUDIO | Czech Republic | Design Studio

Koncern Design Studio

Koncern Design Studio was established in 2000, is located in Prague and its design philosophy is based on the cultural and historical context of this region of Europe. The Studio focuses on mass-produced products in the "Life Style" category, as well as on products which emphasize ergonomics. Studio Koncern always works with clients on a long term basis, because it is the only way to penetrate to the depth of a particular field and transform make a new product into a market leader utilizing the power of design
- Each one of the studio's products is innovative in some form (i.e. -methodology, concept, design, and/or technology)

LLEV | Czech Republic | Design studio

Eva and Marcel Mochal - LLEV

LLEV product design studio was founded in 2004 by two graduates from the AAAD in Prague, Eva Polachová and Marcel Mochal. Our mission is to create vital pragmatic objects for everyday use within a sensitive society. We perceive product design as a service to society. Our designs usually contain hidden conceptual meanings as we could live without the connectedness, which we appreciate in other objects around us as well. Thinks should have their own story. We work with natural materials and our style could de described as Hand made design. In this sense, we make the design of glass, furniture, jewellery and other objects. We worked for Laufen CZ, JIKA, Becherovka, Jablonex Group, Manumade and other private clients.

Lucie Koldova | Czech Republic | Designer Lucie Koldova

Born in 1983 Czech Republic, Lucie Koldova is a young product designer from Czech Republic living and working in Paris. Her work exists of a multi-disciplinary range with focuses on furniture, lights andproduct design. She studied at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and graduated as a Product Designer in 2009. After graduation, she has exhibited her final furniture project in Milan and Prague and continued showing her pieces in 100% Design London and Wienna Design Week.  In 2009 she moved to  Paris to work for Arik Levy Studio where she spent as a junior furniture and product designer more than one year. In Paris she met her collegue Dan Yeffet with who she is establishing
a creativedesign studio focusing mainly on contemporary furniture and gallery pieces. Lucie and Dan's work has benn continuously represented by Gallery S. Bensimon in France. Lucie's design approach can be described as innovative with clean yet strong
forms featuring emotions. 

Maxim Velcovsky | Czech Republic | Designer

Maxim Velcovsky

Maxim Velcovsky, born 1976, to a family of artist Josef Vel?ovský.  he graduated specialising in ceramics and porcelain under Professor Šerák at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. As he was working on his thesis he realized that the contemporary ceramic industry is not interested to manufacture new products, and especially not those by the beginning artists. He decided to design a collection of home accessories which today rank to his most famous realizations. The first one was a bowl in the shape of the Czech Republic which brings a high-value alternative to the kitschy souvenirs, but at the same time can work as an aesthetic object on its own. Velcovsky mainly works with the concept of transforming objects from their usual materials to porcelain and glass. He works with artifacts characteristic of the pre-1989 period in the Czech Republic (matryoshkash, busts of communist leaders, trabant car). Also, he remakes already finished objects – whether it is kitschy porcelain figures or designer’s icons like Philippe Starck’s juicer or Werner Panton’s chair. He participated in dozens of exhibitions and his works are part of numerous museum as well as private collections, e.g. those of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague, the National Gallery in Brno and the Mudac collection in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Studio Olgoj Chorchoj | Czech Republic | Design Studio

Studio Olgoj Chorchoj

The studio was founded in 1990 by Michal Fron?k and Jan N?me?ek during their studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Since finishing their studies, they have been involved in industrial design, design of furniture, architecture and interiors.
They received several awards in the past - the Grand Prix of the Architects' Union and the Interior of the Year award. They exhibit at home and abroad: gallery Moss, Radio House and Totem in New York, Vessel in London, and regularly at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Their work is a part of private collections as well as collections of significant museums - the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Museum of Moravia in Brno or the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Their work is published in Czech and foreign designer magazines. Both designers lead the workshop of design products at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design.

Jaroslav Jurica | Czech Republic | Designer

Jaroslav Jurica

I deal with different spheres of the discipline generally called design. I focus on searching for a peculiar expression of every single artefact, no matter if it is a package, a product or a particular space... In 2007, I was awarded Ingvar Kamprad Scholarship for Master's degree at the School of Industrial Design in Lund in Sweden, where I graduated in 2009. Later, the same year I was chosen to participate in the S.T.A.R. design program organised by NASA Johnson Space center in Houston. In 2010, I also graduated from sculpture studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno in Czech Republic where I could enrich my profession from a different perspective. As a freelancer, I cooperate with different clients in wide range of businesses from packaging design to small architecture. The Chair 002 for TON was already awarded by Interior Innovation Award at IMM Cologne in 2012. 

Boa Design | Czech Republic  | Design Studio


The designers of this studio are Petr Mikošek and Michaela Vrátníková. Both authors cooperate on the projects focused on industrial production in the field of fashion, interior, graphic and product design. Simultaneously, under the BOA trade mark there rise the limited collections of fashion and interior accessories.
Most of the designs are realized in small series. Main target is original shape and primarily the quality of work.

Daniel Pirsc | Czech Republic | Designer

Daniel Pirsc

Daniel Pirsc, born 1966, Ostrava, Czech Republic, has studied at the University of Applied Arts in Prague, where he later worked as a assistant professor in the field of ceramics and porcelain. He is a leading Czech product designer, who has been devoted exclusively to a porcelain design. He established his own porcelain manufactory - Studio Pirsc Porcelain - for small batch production, specializing in new, innovative technological processes in production. His vision is to come up with a completely new way of porcelain manufactory for the 21st century, focusing on new requirements and specialized production. The place that will be center of European design, workshops, galleries, symposium. The work of Daniel Pirsc is annually nominated for the prestigious award Czech Grand Design.
Filigree Vase was selected by an expert commission as a one of the 100 Czech Design Icons. Porcelain wallpapers were awarded by Critics' Award as the best design product 2008. Among his clients: Krehky, Lasvit and Ogilvy. Daniel Pirsc currently lectures a Studio of Ceramics and porcelain in the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Michaela Tomiskova | Czech Republic | Designer

Michaela Tomiskova

To me the design means especially utility item I am surrounded by.
We all have to use the tools and things in our lives and I think these should be not only usefull, but also beautyfull and poetic.
If we separate the things purpose in two-aesthetics and functions, the life may become overloaded with objects. I like to connect both the ways in my life and work. I am satisfied if the funtionality is followed by emotions and experience. I believe in function and beauty synergy. Every person I work with contibutes to the product, imprints his/her life into the final object. 2011 graduated at Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, department of Product design. During study I attended intership at department of Graphic desing and visual communication, product design and experimental work with materials at Utrecht School of Arts and seven months of intership in design studio of Richard Hutten in Rotterdam. Now working as a designer freelencer. I'm interested in conceptual design, full of our emotions that we need in our lives.

Whitefruits | Czech Republic | Designers Whitefruits

Whitefruits was found by two graduated student of AAAD Prague - Antonin Tomasek (*1978) and Gabriel Vach (*1976) in 2006. Project was focused mainly on working with porcelain- producing and manufacturing small series of porcelain tableware and accessories, often using old and almost forgotten unique techniques.
Whitefruits split up in 2010 .

Morphe Design | Czech Republic | Design Studio Morphe Design Studio

Morphe is a design studio based in Prague, Czech Republic, founded in 2012 by Kristyna Malovana and Zbynek Krulich. Both designers have been known on the Czech design scene since 2008. Recently, they have presented their works in international fairs, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, and Designblok in Prague, Czech Republic. They have participated in various group exhibitions worldwide and took part in workshops with Makkink & Bey, Esterni, Raumlabor Berlin and Vitra summer workshop under Hector Serrano. Both have been awarded prizes in competitons organized by Koizumi, Vitra CZ and Tescoma. Zbynek is a co-founder of DesignSupermarket festival of young designers held every year in Prague, and a founder of Futura Pragensis and AeonScope, a collection of futuristic visions. Morphe design studio is specialized in product, furniture and interior design, exhibition design stands and installations, consultancy and art direction.

Croatia / Czech / Estonia / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / RomaniaSlovak / Slovenia
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