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BelaBela | Jana Mrsnik & Vesna Stih | Slovenia | Designers

BelaBela (Jana Mršnik and Vesna Štih)

BelaBela means WhiteWhite in Slovenian. It is a product design brand representing textile and fashion designers Jana Mršnik and Vesna Štih. Our projects combine textile and product as well as interior design and spatial installations. We play with traditional handicraft techniques and interpret them in modern ways. Modularity and versatility are common features in our products. A special challenge for us is a design that gives every user the chance to be actively involved in creating the end product... From the beginning of our collaboration we have exhibited our works in many selective exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Studio DREVO | Slovenia | Design Studio Studio DREVO

Studio DREVO specializes in design for a better quality of life and provides products for modern urban lifestyle. DREVO was established in 2009 and is a team of architect Nadja Pfeifer and unique designer Dejan Pfeifer. We are slovenian designers, living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia (European Community). Our rule is, natural materials are reshaped by virtue of knowledge about contemporary living and through methods of traditional craftsmanship. Our products are traditional hand-made by skilled and passionate designer and his team with selection of first class material (massive wood). All of the products use the best solutions for the environment, both indoors and outdoors.

Janez Suhadolc | Slovenia | Designer

Janez Suhadolc

I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1942. I am graduated Architect from University of Ljubljana at the faculty of Architecture. I am a professor for the subject of Freehand drawing. I am known as designer and as a woodworker for furniture, particulary chairs. I designed and made about 250 different items of wooden furniture. My work was published in three books, respectfully Stoli/Chairs 1, Stoli/Chairs 2, Stoli/Chairs 3. The work was presented in various publications and  exhibitions at home and abroad, beeing the most important the ones in Cankarjev dom - Cultural and Congress Center in Ljubljana (1996, 2002) and in Umetnostni paviljon - Art Center - Slovenj Gradec (2008). My work was awarded by Presheren's and Zupanchich prize, the most high ranking achievements in Slovenia.

Oloop | Slovenia | Design Studio


We are three textile designer and artist - Katja Burger, Tjasa Bavcon, Jasmine Fercek. We operate under the name OLOOP since 2004, when we established the Institute for Contemporary textile art and design with the same name. Oloop Group is active in various fields of visual creation - product design, spatial design, textile art, education (lectures, workshops) and more recently projects associated with the social field. All of our products are involved in the most important presentations of Slovenian design at home and abroad, through which we gained international exposure and some prestigious awards like Red Dot Award. Our products are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Since 2010 Oloop has explored and developed projects, actions and products under a common theme - Super Hands. This evokes an awareness of the importance of manual labor and the impact it has to the welfare of individuals and communities.

Pleksimanija | Slovenia | Design Studio


Anja Šerc, Mito Mihelic and Vanja Mihelic are Pleksimanija. They each work in different fields and have found a path on which they merge their creative energies. Vanja is active in architecture and interior design, Mito in graphic design and fine arts, and Anja remains faithful to humanities and social sciences. Mito perceives the material as a medium and bases his creative approach on graphic design. In his view, the products are not merely fashion accessories but rather a visual message of the owner. Vanja researches the development of design through time. Her working process relies heavily on the historical and cultural dimension of the environment in which she lives and creates. Anja translates design into its worldly shape. She focuses on balancing the abstract world of humanities with a daily praxis of hand-on work and brand identity co-formation. Pleksimanija has two distinct collections, Ethno and Urban. Both are products of their time, each in its own and unique way. While Ethno is static in terms of reinterpreting the Slovenian visual heritage (embroidery, lace, engravings and paintings), Urban takes on the dynamic form (modern architectural forms, relationships between urbanism and the interactivity of the visual pop culture).

Spela Leskovic & Almira Sadar | Slovenia | Designers Almira Sadar
Almira Sadar graduated from Faculty of Architecture and Department of Textiles, Fashion Design in Ljubljana. She founded her own studio in 1997 and designs for her own brand Almirasadar as well as cooperating on different design projects. She works as a professor of Fashion Design at the Department of Textiles in Ljubljana. She received a Trend Award for her design work in 2006.

Špela Leskovic
Špela Leskovic graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She founded the architectural firm AKSL arhitekti with Aleš Košak in 2000. AKSL arhitekti have been nominated for the following awards: the Plecnik Medal for Restaurant Rozmarin in 2007; the Contractworld New Generation Award for Valvas′or in 2010; and the Contractworld New Generation Award for the Rog café.

Bevk Perovic Arhitekti | Slovenia | Designers

Bevk Perovic Arhitekti

The architectural bureau was established in 1997 by architects Matija Bevk and Vasa J. Perovic. Matija Bevk, born in Ljubljana in 1972, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana in 1999. Vasa J. Perovic, born in Belgrade in 1965, graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture in 1992, and in 1994 he successfully defended his MA thesis at the Berlage Architectural Institute in Amsterdam. Both architects were invited to lecture at various architectural schools. They received numerous Slovene and international recognitions and awards for their architectural projects that were exhibited at Slovene and international exhibitions and published in various specialised magazines and books. The most prestigious award they received is the 2007 Mies van der Rohe award for new architects on the horizon which is awarded for contemporary architecture by the European Community.

Croatia / Czech / Estonia / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / RomaniaSlovak / Slovenia
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