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"How can man move from place to place without depending on horses?" This question preoccupied numerous people in the age prior to the invention of the bicycle. Some 300 years ago, the mathematician Jacques Ozanam presented a model for a horseless vehicle that sported four wheels, and which could be operated by two riders using pedals. 

This vehicle may be considered to be a predecessor of the bicycle. In 1960, a 1495 drawing of a machine resembling a bicycle was discovered in the notebook of one of Leonardo da Vinci's students. Yet opinions concerning this drawing differ, and some consider it to be a forgery designed to glorify
Leonardo da Vinci and his talent.

It is difficult to accurately date the invention of the bicycle, since suggestions, ideas, and testimonies pertaining to the invention of various vehicles have been found in different cultures - including India, China, Egypt, and even Pompeii. Our bicycle journey along this timeline begins in 1790 with the model
created by the Count de Sivrac, and charts the evolution of bicycles up until the present. 

Hadas Kruk, Guest Curator
Eran Litvin, Visual Research

Click to read about historical bicycle design:

1790 / 1817 / 1865 / 1870 / 1876 / 1885 / 1895 / 1896 / 1898 / 1900 / 1933 / 1937 / 1940 / 1967 / 1970 / 1977 / 1983 / 1988 / 1989

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