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The Breeze 1 Mountain Bike

Long before the invention of the term "mountain biking," individuals and groups in Europe and in the United States rode along mountain trails and rocky paths, both for practical reasons and for pleasure. These were the pioneers of this sport, whose generic name had yet to be invented. One of the best-known areas in which such a community of riders developed was Marine County, California.

Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Otis Guy, Charlie Kelly, Tom Ritchey, and Charlie Cunningham were all part of a group of riders who participated in bicycle races, and were members of the Velo Club Tamalpais. They began riding and competing in various terrains on old bikes they refurbished with wide tires inspired by the Schwinn Cruiser, BMX bikes and the Klunker model produced in the 1930s and 1940s. They were not planning a revolution, and all they wanted was to ride a comfortable bike adapted to their needs; nevertheless, the mountain bike revolution was underway.

The first bicycle built especially for this purpose was the Breeze 1 model developed by John Breeze in 1977 - a new, high-quality bicycle with wide, lightweight tires (previously used only for regular road bikes). Over the following year, he developed 10 additional models. Since 1985, Breeze 1 has been part of the permanent collection of the Oakland Museum. 


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