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During Design Week Holon 2015 the Embassy of Italy in Israel, the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute, in collaboration with Design Museum Holon, are holding "Food for Thoughts" - a conference dedicated to design in the context of food. The timing is very appropriate: the universal exhibition EXPO Milano 2015, opening on May 1st, is dedicated to the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". This topic gives both Israel and Italy a unique opportunity to present their excellence in food and agriculture to the world at large. In both countries, today more than ever before, quality foodstuff and its preparation have been elevated to an art form, prominent in culture and society. Cuisine, being an expression of culture, both traditional and innovative, can prompt sociological, cultural, historical and artistic reflections. Indeed, the Embassy of Italy, in cooperation with the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Cultural Institute, have organized a carnival of events aiming at strengthening the economic, commercial, cultural and artistic ties between Italy and Israel through food and design.

The Conference will allow us to discuss the design process through its unique stages while putting an emphasis on the experience of eating from various aspects:

IDEA- How one begin to design? Does the design process of tableware, serving and food itself is identical to the way one design a chair or a dress? Are there special or unique aspects for food design and the eating experience as a whole? Or does the design process is the same as in any field of product design as we know it?

SENSATION - Our home kitchen, be it Italian or Israeli, is central to the local food culture. Designers are responsible for the various Tangential points and interfaces that make up the eating experience. Design, adjustment and innovation of physical and emotional interfaces, existing or new, can lead and effect a change in the way we consume, prepare and eat.

CREATION - How to execute the idea and experience we were aiming for? Is it possible to attract or conclude from the preparation and production of food and dishes, it's packing and presentation, new insights or knowledge? Is it possible to reinvent food and the way we consume it?

Tickets for "Food for Thoughts" conference are free of charge but require pre-registration at the Mediatheque box office: 03-5021552 / customers@mediatheque.org.il / groups: 03-5021551

Overview Current Exhibitions / Holon Galleries / Israel-Italy Design Forum

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