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Exhibitions > Yaacov Kaufman - Stools 2

Types and Archetypes

In this group, Kaufman is concerned with archetypes of stools, ranging from traditional or rural ones to "classical" stools. Three legs will always touch the ground, while the four-legged stool will likely always have one leg in the air. In one of the stools, one of the four legs is twisted, while two of the remaining ones were bent to create "knees."

This is the largest group in this study, and almost each stool in it entertains a dialogue with an archetypal stool etched into consciousness. Single units or families in this group call to mind different periods and movements in the history of design, while some constitute a tribute to a sculpture or architectural structure. 

A single stool is reproduced to create a series, yet each member of the series has one leg that stand out in terms of their style or refined processing. This group includes classical stools, if such stools indeed exist, as well as more exaggerated and extreme types, such as the stool transformed into a kind of millipede. A sort of "stool-related mannerism."

In some of the stools, the emphasis is on the composition, while the stool's characteristics are secondary. In others, the concern is with materials that rarely meet. The story of each archetypal stool is unusual in some way, so that even when members of the same family come together, the resemblance among them is less obvious.

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Yaacov Kaufman - Stools
photo: Itay Benit

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