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(Rachely Rotem & Phu Hoang) in collaboration with Geotectura (Arch. Dr. Joseph Cory)
Consultants: Ho-Yan Chung, Avihay Shoval

2014 ,Cloud Seeding
Steel, aluminum, net, recycled polyurethane

The shading produced by Cloud Seeding is created by means of a flat ceiling made of a clear
structural mesh, which supports 20,000 hollow plastic balls that move freely with the wind
across its surface. The shade they produce comes from the perforated and transfigured
shadows cast by these thousands of moving "seeds".

The project won the Mediatheque Square category. The jury noted its ethereal,
immaterial, dynamic presence, and its adaptation to cultural squares that are usually
crowded with architectural monuments.

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The shading element was made possible with the support of:

Shade Design | Urban Shade in Israel
Photo: Rafi Delouya

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