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Exhibitions > Dreams from Ronit Elkabetzs wardrobe

Ronit Elkabetz guarded her clothes like a little intimate archive. An assemblage of hundreds of apparel items and jewels that are now part of Holon Design Museum's permanent collection. The care and respect she showed clothes were similar to those shown by international culture heroines such as Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn and Elisabeth Taylor, showcasing a unique understanding of garments' place in the culture. For many years, fashion and dress were given quite hostile treatment by academia and museums, institutions that have been historically run by men who thought fashion history was a peripheral, superficial and unimportant discipline. As opposed to them, throughout history many women (and some men) have regarded dress as a powerful tool for expression and self-actualization, the signification of identity, reputation and power, as well as a means of inhabiting spiritual and physical space in a society that marginalized them.

For many generations, women's dress was considered a distraction from their ‘actual' work and accomplishments. Ronit Elkabetz, however, transformed dress into a language and an art in a transgressive, even revolutionary, way. Her persona confronted these archaic understandings, formulating through her many silhouettes the possibility of choice and a call to women to be who they are, to be visible and not disappear. In that sense her work was a corrective to the long-standing and warped understanding of garments, a demand to reread their many implicit possibilities.

Jewelry brand Paula Bianco was active in the years 2005-2015, in Israel and abroad. What began as a professional "relationship", as between Ronit Elkabetz and its brand designer, Smadar Paula Azriel, quickly flowered into friendship and professional collaboration. The majority of the jewelry pieces in Elkabetz's collection were designed by Azriel, who also designed the jewelry display in this gallery.

Sound installation: Itzik Cohen | Jungle Sound, 24:45 min. | Shlomi Elkabetz, 2017

Out of hundreds of hours of recordings Cohen has created a reflective interview between texts that Elkabetz speaks in the feature films in which she starred and documentary interviews, radio interviews, and television interviews. Cohen and Elkabetz complete a sentence
that begins with fiction and concludes with documentation, and we are unable to distinguish between life and art, between the interview and the written dialogue.

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Photo: Shay Ben-Efraim | Madonna Pendant, Paula Bianco, Autumn-Winter 2013 Courtesy of Tirtza Levin | Sunglasses, Pierre Cardin Elkabetz collection, Design Museum Holon | Sandals, Boccaccin, Elkabetz collection, Design Museum Holon |Grand Strass Necklace, Paula Bianco, Spring-Summer 2012 | Libi Earrings, Paula Bianco, Spring-Summer 2012

Photo: Shay Ben-Efraim | Valesko Necklace, Paula Bianco, Autumn-Winter 2012 | Feathers collar, Elkabetz collection, Design Museum Holon

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