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Gil Hayon

Je t’aime, Ronit Elkabetz

A portrayal of Ronit Elkabetz's character as an exceptional encounter between the worlds of cinema, art, social endeavor, and the worlds of clothes and fashion

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שי בן אפריים

Desirable Object

In the wandering traditional Bedouin society, there was a high awareness of reuse while giving new life to available raw materials, which could be used...

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The exhibition traced an object that is familiar to us all, eyeglasses, which are used on a daily basis by millions of people the world...

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A Metaphor of Light

This exhibition showcases 50 lamps designed between 1933 and 2015 by internationally renowned architects, designers, and artists for Italy's leading design companies.

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Beating Salts

On a hot summer day in 2013, Nevi Pana went hiking in the Judaean Desert. Against the backdrop of the Dead Sea's desert landscape, between...

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Flat 3D

NOM, which stands for Nature of Material, is a series of stackable lightweight furniture. Each object is folded from a spread of laser-cut aluminum sheet,...

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Photo: Ben Kelmer

Jaime Hayon | Funtastico

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon (b. 1974), is one of the most acclaimed designers worldwide, and Time Magazine recently listed him as one of the 100...

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עיצוב: להב הלויעיצוב: להב הלוי

Urban Shade in Israel

This exhibition marks the climax of a three-year research, entrepreneurial, design project whose aim is to incorporate design in urban spaces through a discussion on...

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צילום: עודד אנטמןצילום: עודד אנטמן

From Mold to Fragment – Studio Kahn

From Mold to Fragment - Studio Kahn from the Museum Collection describes a full and complete development process comprising three familiar objects in the Israeli...

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Hironen – London, Tokyo 1985-1995

From Design Museum Holon Collection. Hironen, brand name and design studio, established in Tokyo (1989) by the Israeli Ronen Levin and the Japanese Hiroyoki Okawa.

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