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Giovanni Giannoni

Alber Elbaz: The Dream Factory

The exhibition "Alber Elbaz: The Dream Factory" is the most extensive exhibition about Alber Elbaz to date. It is a moving and exciting tribute that...

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William Cobbing, Excavation, 2004


The exhibition "Overdose" raises questions concerning the essence of those simple things that are nearly impossible to notice, as well as to live without. Functional...

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Osher Lapid

The Boiler Room

“The Boiler Room” is an interactive installation, a sphere that enables visitors to express their political and social stances, to share their worldviews, and to...

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Michael Johansson , Last Summer, 2014, Installation view: Museum Voorlinden (NL) Image credit - Bram Vreugdenhil

Pop-up Exhibition – Material Overdose

For the last two years we have witnessed two opposing trends: on the one hand, the Covid-19 Pandemic, with social distancing and the need for...

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Photo: Elad Sarig

The Ball

“The Ball,” Design Museum Holon’s summer 2021 exhibition, explores the relationship between fashion, dreams and escapism. Extending throughout the entire museum, the exhibition will offer...

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The State of things

The State of Things," the inaugural exhibition of the Design Museum Holon, features more than 100 objects that collectively reflect issues concerning the practice, consumption...

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קרדיט לצילום

Black Box

The upcoming winter exhibition at Design Museum Holon will explore, by means of the museum's permanent collection, how the objects around us have become active...

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Shachar Fleischmann

The Pit

Ancient garbage dumps, like contemporary landfills, are important sites for research, as they contain objects that have not had a chance to disappear. Can they...

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Dor Kedm

A Research Design Collection

Yaacov Kaufman is a designer-researcher-designer who developed a unique creative research methodology on a worldwide scale.

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Elad Sarig

State of Extremes

The exhibition State of Extremes mark ten years since the opening of Design Museum Holon. It aims to show the potential of design to reveal,...

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