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The exhibition explored the crucial role of design in shaping the seductive relationship between humans and food

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Lawrie Brown, Colored Food Series Photographs, 1982 Lawrie Brown, Colored Food Series Photographs, 1982


The exhibition explored the role of food coloring and how vision influences our interpretation of the colors of our food

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ReactionTie Collective The Feast, 2022–2023ReactionTie Collective The Feast, 2022–2023

A Taste of the Future – An Interactive Sensory Lab

An interactive, AI-powered sensory exhibition that examined the future of food

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Giovanni Giannoni

Alber Elbaz: The Dream Factory

The exhibition was a moving and exciting tribute that celebrated the life and work of the acclaimed designer

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William Cobbing, Excavation, 2004


The exhibition raised questions concerning the essence of those simple functional objects that are nearly impossible to notice, as well as to live without

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Osher Lapid

The Boiler Room

An interactive installation which enabled visitors to express their political and social stance by hitting a switch that “heats up” the discussion

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Michael Johansson , Last Summer, 2014, Installation view: Museum Voorlinden (NL) Image credit - Bram Vreugdenhil

Pop-up Exhibition – Material Overdose

The Material Library invited designers and artists from all disciplines to take part in a Design Marathon, as one of the main events of the...

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Photo: Elad Sarig

The Ball

The exhibition explored the relationship between fashion, dreams and escapism.

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From the cover of State of Things catalogue

The State of Things

The exhibition reflected issues concerning the practice, consumption and cultural impact of contemporary international design

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Elad Sarig

Black Box

The exhibition explored the museum's permanent collection: how the objects around us have become active participants in everyday life?

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