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Je T’aime, Ronit Elkabetz | Catalogue

28 November 2017 – 28 April 2018

Curator and catalog editor: Ya’ara Keidar

Artistic Director: Shlomi Elkabetz

Graphic Design: Kobi Franco, Zohar Koren

Ronit Elkabetz (1964-2016), was an Israeli and international icon, an actress, screenwriter and director as well as a social activist for women’s rights in general and Mizrahi women in particular, and an artist’s muse. In her work she combined center and periphery, fashion and art, Be’er Sheva, Kiryat Yam and Tel Aviv – Mogador, Paris, Israel and the world, creating characters that have been etched onto social and cultural consciousness.

The exhibition Je t’aime, Ronit Elkabetz grew from research of Ronit Elkabetz’s wardrobe. The collection, comprising upwards of 500 items meticulously collected and stored in Tel Aviv and Paris over four decades, was donated generously by the Yashar and Elkabetz families. Research into the items reveals a time capsule encompassing Elkabetz’s life, allowing us a profound look into her existence, in dialogue with the world of cinema. Every garment contains story, memory, attribution. Items pristinely folded and bound in white silk paper, accompanied by hand-written notes as if anticipating this treasure being discovered at some later time, were found in her wardrobe. Each item signifies a milestone in Elkabetz’s rich biography and together they make up a collection of considerable cultural-spiritual value.

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