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Mark donde

Category: Interviews

Mark Donde, Dedicated Bikes

Mark Donde has a design and manufacturing workshop for dedicated bikes that can do things regular bikes can’t, for example Cargo Bike, which is designed to carry cargos of unusual weight and volume. The workshop, which was founded in 2003, develops and manufactures modifications and accessories for regular bikes for riders with disabilities, as well as bike trailers. 

One of the models developed by Mark Donde is a cargo bike with a big wheel base, based on two existing models in Europe: a Danish model, Long John, which is designed to carry freight, which is primarily used to transport children. The ,(״ box bike ״ . and a Dutch model, Bakfiets (lit development stage extended over a long time and entailed numerous hours of test riding. The model chosen for design and manufacture is Bakfiets, and it is still sold today.

The documentary film by Odelia Lavie and Diego Prilowski was made as part of a curatorial course in Bezalel. Collaboration between the Holon Museum of Design and the Bezalel Academy of Design and Art.