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Eli Bohbot

Between You and Me

3 July, 2016 / Maria Cristina Didero

Maria Cristina Didero in special and conversation with Oki Sato, the manager and the brain...

Reality-Changing Gardening

3 September, 2015 / Tzlil Bosnak

Yoav Shafranek of the Onya Collective, An educator, guerrilla gardener, and cat whisper

Mark donde

26 December, 2013 / Odelia Lavie and Diego Prilo

Mark Donde, Dedicated Bikes Mark Donde has a design and manufacturing workshop for dedicated bikes...

On Fashion and Bicycles

18 December, 2013 / Dana Ben Shalom

When we think about a city and bicycles, we think of Amsterdam or Copenhagen whose...

Finger in the Eye

1 June, 2013

A conversation with artist and designer Guy Saggee whose unique imprint is evident in all...

Dreaming in Polish

14 February, 2013

An interview with Polish-born initiator, curator, and designer Matylda Krzykowski whose work, was exhibited in...

The Happy Show

7 February, 2013

In an interview with designer Stefan Sagmeister, Michal Or-Ad tries to find the boundaries of...

Fibers and computers

24 June, 2012 / Michitaka HIROSE | Professor of the University of Tokyo

Interview with Yaacov Kaufman

Japanese fibers; Growth point

24 June, 2012 / Michiko Ikenishi | Material Coordinator Creative Director, itochu fashion system co., ltd.

Used for clothing, and intimately interlinked with people's senses, Japanese fibers are evolving in leaps...


14 June, 2012 / Shira Shoval

Design award-winning chair made from flax was the catalyst for an interview with architect/designer Martin...

Without a Search

19 April, 2012 / Tal Amit

Eighteen international design week directors came to Holon during Design Week Holon 2012, to become...

Solution Without A Problem

2 February, 2012 / Maya Dvash

An interview with Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde who combines technology with poetry.

Covering His Tracks

4 September, 2011 / Maya Dvash

Club Silencio, a new members-only club, has recently opened in Paris. It was designed by...

Hidden Irony

19 July, 2011

Silvia Knüppel is always on the go. At 33 she has already produced a wide...


26 May, 2011

I met with Volker Albus after lunch on a pleasant wintry day in the middle...

Do It Yourself

2 May, 2011

When you grow up in a home in which art and crafts are an inseparable...

Every Box Has Its Lid

28 April, 2011

Liron Hershkovitz, the director of Out of the Box, is a young man of twenty-six,...

Foamed Basalt

8 March, 2011

Ori Yekutiel reveals that he has a tense relationship with the world of design, but...

A Separate Lab

3 March, 2011

A final interview with Pini Leibovich and Yiftach Zdafee at the conclusion of the semester...

Form Follows Garbage

10 February, 2011

For over twenty years Jan Eric Visser has been collecting refuse and converting it into...

Dutch Grass is Greener

1 February, 2011

A conversation with Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto (BCXSY), visited Israel for the opening of...

Timeless Design

1 January, 2011

In a tête-à-tête Matteo Alessi attempts to define Italian design, admits that opening a store...

Morphology of a Table

16 December, 2010

"Telling a Story" is one of the prevailing trends in the world of design today....

Breaking the Mold

5 December, 2010

Concrete becomes fabric and fabric becomes concrete under the hands of young designer Nicolas le...

Inspired by Air and Water

21 October, 2010

The exhibition currently on display the Museum, deals with the interrelationship between couture and machines....

Channeling Trends

8 July, 2010

What will our lives be like in the future? What will our homes, our clothes,...