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Moving On

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During the last few months Meirav Rahat has spent long hours working in the studio and wood workshop towards a joint exhibition showing both Yael Friedman’s work and hers.

During the last few months Meirav Rahat has spent long hours working in the studio and wood workshop towards a joint exhibition showing both Yael Friedman’s works (Jewelry) and hers (furniture). The exhibition opened in Periscope Gallery in Tel-Aviv and will be running up until May 16th, 2015.

The story behind the exhibition and some visuals of the objects in the exhibition:

Merav Rahat and Yael Friedman have joined to create and curate the exhibition- “Moving On”.

The exhibition’s theme is physical and conceptual movement and change in time and space, and each of the artists is responding to the theme of the exhibition in her own discipline – Rahat is creating installations of furniture and Friedman is creating jewelry. The movement theme in “Moving On” is not only apparent in the creations, but also in the process, In the exhibition Friedman and Rahat bring together their disciplines to present a visual language and conceptual elements through an intensive dialogue.

Rahat draws on conceptual abstractions of form and color to delineate personal stories and experiences resulting in sculptural versatile furniture pieces. She combines philosophical thinking, and converses with the history of art and design. In contrast, Friedman treats jewelry as games; she is breaking the rules of classic jewelry design, and creating objects that revises our perception of the nature of Contemporary Jewelry and the relationship between the designer, the jewelry, and the wearer.

The work in the exhibition is referring to four types of movement: Physical and emotional changes through time, reversal movement, rotational movement, and random movement. For example: in response to the work “Storyteller” by Rahat, a static object that contains the essence of movement of time and change of Rahat’s personal story , Friedman created a series of rings, “Useless Automata” that are adorned with rotating gears. The change in the physical presentation of the ring acts as a visual interpretation of the movement through time.

“Up-Side-Down”, a group of colorful objects Rahat built from rectangles and cylinders is mirrored by Friedman’s “Nuances”, a series of figures shaped rings built from base forms: squares, circles, and pentagons. The various combinations allows the wearer to wear the rings in two ways ; so are Rahat’s objects, that allows creating various combinations of shapes and colors into a sculptural installation.

The discussion in the theme continues with Rahat’s “Round & Round”, a colorful versatile object that can be rotated and placed in various directions, and is countered by Friedman’s “Play Ground” series of rings incorporating moving playground elements and series of pendants that represent rotational movement.

Friedman’s “Doodle” ring, inspired by movement in mazes, evokes Rahat’s “Wag” – a furniture that responds to human touch by changing according to the objects it contains.

The works of the two are somewhere between design and art and between practical and conceptual. Both examine the relationship between object, space and functional, as well as forms and color to create compositions that embody personal experiences and subjective interpretation of contemporary design.

“Moving On”: Merav Rahat – Furniture | Yael Friedman – Jewelry

Periscope Gallery, 176 Ben-Yehuda street, Tel-Aviv

Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday 17:00-20:00, Thursday 12:00-20:00, Saturday 11:00-13:00

Exhibition closing 16/5/2015