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Until her mind is at ease

Category: Recommendations

Metalsmith and jewelry designer Nitsa Rona uncovers the beauty in simple things while distilling sensations, thoughts and moments into objects. In her new exhibition “Until my mind is at ease”, Rona presents two experiences. In the first, she invites visitors into the worlds of content that drive her art through three groups of objects that draw a connection between the environment, body and soul. In the second, she gives us a glimpse into the artistic process by means of a jeweler’s station inside the gallery space where she will work for the duration of the exhibition. This combination of experiences immerses us in a dialog taking place in the design field that examines the relationship between theory and practical expression.

The exhibition opens with a ceremonial act of Rona placing flower arrangements as a gesture of hospitality and invitation to enter her domain. The precise compositions, which invoke Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, conjoin the spiritual with an affinity for nature and a culture of hospitality, which is a dominant feature of the artist’s personality.