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Working Together: Design and Engineering

Innovative Air Technologies

November 27, 2018 – April 27, 2019


Innovative Air Technologies an original exhibition that examines through the products of Dyson the strong link between the work of designers and engineers, in an age that products, materials, and technologies go hand-in-hand.

In an age in which technological horizons are rapidly expanding, and the market of consumer products is flooded by endless options, the products that surround us are constantly changing: old technologies are changing and adapting and traditional appliances transform into strange new hybrids, as made evident by cutting-edge telephones, watches, and televisions.

Changes in consumer needs and behaviors, alongside the development of new work methods that forge a connection between technical thinking and behavioral thinking, lead to new and innovative developments that ensure the enduring relevance of products.

Photo: Shay Ben Efraim

Planning and designing a new product require consideration of numerous parameters: an understanding of structures, materials, technologies, and production methods, as well as an analysis of user character, behaviors, and needs. The combination of design and engineering allows for the development of durable, user-friendly functional products that have the potential to win over consumers.

The original exhibition Working Together: Design and Engineering, invites visitors to study milestones and technological breakthroughs that have combined design and engineering, through an exploration of the work of James Dyson and the company he founded. The development of Dyson’s various inventions – from the Ballbarrow created in 1974 to a cordless vacuum cleaner that is just as powerful as a conventional one – offer a glimpse of professional thought processes, design-related and technological challenges, and work methods that has resulted in significant progress in the field of product design. 

Sir James Dyson, Founder. Dyson Company, England

This exhibition has been realized in collaboration with the Dyson Company and BNZC