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Color plays an important role in facilitating our understanding of reality and our capacity to categorize it various elements – ranging from biological indicators such as skin, hair or eye color to national symbols such as a flag, passport or ID card and to commercial brands or sports groups. Color can transform us into members of a given group. At the same time, it can also make us stand out among others.

“Color at the Design Museum Holon” explores how we understand, perceive and interpret color and colorfulness, which are usually specific to a particular time and place, tradition and culture. The exhibition examines the ways in which colors envelop objects, are integrated into them, or become objects in their own right, as well as the process through which colors come to be identified with a group, a nation, or even an abstract idea or value.

ימבו, היזון חוזר, 2024

Yambo (Yam Ben Adiva), Feedback Loop, 2024

Some 30 Israeli designers working in a range of disciplines – product design, textile design, visual communications, fashion design, digital design, illustration and more – were invited to create new works especially for this exhibition. The Lower Gallery features projects concerned with color as matter, exploring how it comes into being by means of both contemporary and traditional technologies. In the Upper Gallery, designers create colorful environments, operating in unique and original color spheres, shaped by colors.

In the Peripheral Gallery, the displays explore color trends and the historical and cultural reasons for choosing a certain color to represent a particular idea. The museum’s Design Laboratory serves as an arena for exploring the relations between color and the worlds of fauna and flora, featuring an illustration project in which visitors are welcome to take up colors and join in the creative process.  

List of Creators:
Adva Kremer | Anat Golan | Chanan de Lange | Dan Perez | Dana Hakim-Berkovich | Daniel Juran   Daniel Nahum | David Weksler | Designit | Dorit Provizor | Gali Cnaani | Gur Inbar | Guy Megides   Ilya Marcus | Michal Luria | Nadav Machete | Nataly Izchukov | Noa Lamdan Hakeiny | Nurit Koniak   Open | Ori Shifrin Anavi | Ori Toor | Oru Serfaty | Phenomena Labs | Re-Levant | Shahar Avnet | Shay Nifusi | Sheer Cohen | Shim Edri | Studio Cotta | Tal Baltuch | Tal Mor Sinay | Yaakov Kaufman | Yambo