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The exhibition explored the crucial role of design in shaping the seductive relationship between humans and food

May 22, 2023 – November 25, 2023

The exhibition “Food” explored the crucial role of design in shaping the seductive relationship between humans and food. The exhibition featured a diverse collection of over 200 works by artists and designers from Israel and around the world, presented through a range of mediums and creative techniques. These include art and design objects, everyday supermarket items, interactive installations, and video works.

The exhibition showcased works by esteemed designers and artists such as Wim Delvoye, Naoto Fukasawa, Ron Arad, Studio Lernert & Sander, FormaFantasma, Bompas and Parr, Mischer’Traxler Studio, Sigalit Landau, Reddish, and Omer Polak, among others.

Christopher Mitchell, Wired © Condé Nast

Humans and their food entertain a reciprocally influential dialogue. The human cultivation of food began with our prehistoric ancestors, who gathered, hunted and grew produce, and continues today with contemporary processes of enhancement, preservation and development. Food, in turn, shapes, seduces and defines humans. We are catalogued personally, collectively and socially as vegetarians, vegans, or carnivores, in accordance with the types of food we consume and the ways in which we consume it: organic or processed, home-cooked or ordered, alone or together.

Food and our concern with it give expression to the set of values we adhere to in our everyday lives, while shaping social and individual identity and self-perceptions, as well as the perception of others. We are what we eat, and sometimes what others see us eat.

For the design world, food is both an actual and a symbolic raw material. Designers today are involved in researching, developing and designing various stages in the life cycle of food, while responding to contemporary consumer culture, at times even critically. The exhibition examines the basic yet tangled relations between humans and food, as well as the complex status of design in this equation. The works in the exhibition revealed different natural and artificial strategies of seduction, while offering contemporary narratives about humans and their food.

Photo: Elad Sarig

The museum dedicated its entire exhibition space to three distinct exhibitions that provide fascinating insights into the subject.

The main exhibition, “Food” curated by Liora Rosin and Dana Benshalom, examined the dynamic relationship between humans, food, and seduction, offering a captivating exploration of this intimate connection.

In the Peripheral Corridor Gallery, visitors could explore “Colored,” an exhibition curated by Lior Hermoni, Director of The Material Library, that examined the role of food coloring and how vision influences our interpretation of the colors of our food. The exhibition invited visitors to reflect on the cultural context of food and its taste.

The Design Laboratory featured “A Taste Of The Future,” an interactive, AI-powered sensory installation curated by Talia Yanover that examines the future of food. The exhibition encouraged visitors to explore the relationship between scent and memory while appreciating the beauty of imperfection. This exhibition was a special project commissioned by Design Museum Holon in collaboration with “Mifal HaPais Greenhouse.”

Photo: Elad Sarig

Food exhibition

Aroma Retail (manufacturer) | Alon Sarid and Anat Gutberg | Aram Gershuni | Astronaut Foods (manufacturer) | Aya Bentur and Bili Regev | Bar Faber | Bompas & Parr | Carolien Niebling | Christien Meindertsma | Clémence Althabegoïty | Dan Perez and Natasha Boguslavsky | Einat Arif-Galanti | Eyal Pinkas | Formafantasma | Guy Mishaly and Rachel Boxnboim | Hamutal Hayun | Helmut Smits | ‎Hennessy Hammock (Manufacturer) | Henry Hargreaves | HomeBioGas (Manufacturer) | Kal-Kar Ein Carmel (manufacturer) | Kellogg’s (manufacturer) | Kroonipuu (Manufacturer) | Maya Ben David and Ori Ben Zvi | MAYU Water Art (Zeev Zohar and Shay Eden) | Megahouse | Mela Foodart (Michal Evyatar, Carmel Bar) | Michael Sperer | Michal Fargo | Mischertraxler Studio | Jenny van Sommers | Moon Seop Seo | Moreno Schweikle | Naoto Fukasawa | Next Nature Network | Nitsan Mayost | Noa Lamdan | Office Masaru Emoto | Omer Polak | Reddish (Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman) | Remy Labesque for Dandelion Chocolate | Ron Arad | Roni Landa | Shahar Kedem | Shira keret & Itay Laniado | Sigalit Landau | Simon & Jane Berry (ColaLife) | Tim Llewellyn (PI Global) | Steve Giralt | Studio Lernert & Sander | Vestergaard Frandsen (Manufacturer) | Watermark Community Church | Wello (manufacturer) | Wim Delvoye | Yonit Crystal | Yuval Harel.

The Exhibition features five projects created with support from the Pais Art and Design Greenhouse.

Colored Exhibition

Aurimas Kadzevicius | Bioforcetech | DAVID Miami and INGO Stockholm | Elaine Yan Ling Ng | Fabula | Ferrara Pan Candy (manufacturer) | Isaac Monté | Jelly Belly (manufacturer) in collaboration with Warner Bros. | Kosuke Araki | Krill Design | Lawrie Brown | Mizuiro Inc. | Naama Nicotra | Pepsico (manufacturer) | Rob Flowers | Shahar Livne | Sugar Lab | Tamar Kalif | Wrigley (manufacturer) | Yulia Fitie

A Taste of the Future – An Interactive Sensory Lab Exhibition

ReactionTie Collective (Limor Prertz Samia, Inbal Reuven, Doron Naama Gelfer, Nir Jacob Younessi, Olga Stadnuk) | Rotem Nachoom | Hilla Shamia

The Exhibition will be held with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Israel.