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James Clar & Associates, The Rat Race, 2008


Design Art from the Galila Barzilai Hollander Collection

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The Desire in the Habitual, the Obsessive in the Familiar, the Implicit in the Excessive – Objects from the Galila Barzilai Hollander Collection

 28 March 2022 – 30 July 2022


Railway trains only begin to exist when they are derailed, and the more passengers that are killed, the more the trains exist. Airplanes achieve existence only when they are hijacked. The one and only destiny of motor-cars is to drive into plane trees . . . .  What’s really going on, what we’re experiencing, the rest, all the rest, where is it? How should we take account of, question, describe what happens every day and recurs everyday: the banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual?

Approaches to What? Georges Perec, 1973

William Cobbing, Excavation, 2004

William Cobbing, Excavation, 2004

The exhibition “Overdose” raises questions concerning the essence of those simple things that are nearly impossible to notice, as well as to live without. Functional objects are taken for granted as long as they remain unchanged. Paradoxically, however, since we are accustomed to ignoring their presence, we are highly sensitive to minute changes in their form or ability to function. Many of the exhibition participants transform or expand the original function of an object. This critical and poetic perspective on the familiar calls for immersion in a primal, childlike and playful space, devoid of prejudices.

Overdose, Lower Gallery, Photo: Elad Sarig

The exhibition features the interpretation given by some 150 artists and designers to everyday objects – all from the Galila Barzilai Hollander Collection, which includes thousands of contemporary art and design works from Israel and abroad. Each work was selected for the collection based on an intuitive choice and an emotional connection. Many of the works are on display in the collector’s home, where she lives alongside them: works concerned with books, food, shoes, chairs, money and more. In hosting the “human” objects contained in this home, the museum itself becomes a metaphorical home. Each of the galleries alludes to a familiar domestic environment, and each installation reconstructs an everyday scene. The change of perspective allows for the revelation of the strange in the familiar, the intimate in the public, and the implicit in the excessive.

The exhibition “Overdose” presents”Overdose” presents two new original works, created especially for the exhibition:

The opening of the exhibition presents the work Ghost VII, by the Swedish designer Michael Johansson. The work presents a huge wall, consisting of dozens of objects that are in one’s home: appliances, doors, drawers, cabinets, shelves, refrigerators, ovens, frames, and more. This work was initiated in collaboration with students from the Department of Industrial Design, Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art., and with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Israel.

Michael Johansson, Ghost VII, 2022, Photo: Elad Sarig

At Margalith Gallery the visitor will see the work Train Houses (2022), by Shaul Cohen, Avihai Mizrahi, and Neil Nenner. This examines housing from a social perspective, focusing on the gaps between interior, personal spaces, and exterior, public ones. The unified building facade represents the conflict between interior and exterior since it includes urban signage, window bars, shutters, and plaster, as well as laundry, flowerpots, and personal belongings.

Train Houses, 2022, Shaul Cohen, Avihai Mizrahi, Neil Nenner, Photo: Tal Nisim, Courtesy: Galila Barzilai Hollander

This building model, which moves in circles and never reaches its destination, represents the difficulties concerning the housing situation in Israel, and the problematic maintenance and aesthetic appearance of these buildings. A 3-D model printed to scale is a key tool in architectural planning. In this work, the technique represents the gap between the ideal and the appearance of the buildings in reality.

Overdose, Upper Gallery, Photo: Elad Sarig

The “Overdose” exhibition is accompanied by an audio guide, which can be listened to on a personal mobile phone. It is recommended to bring headphones in advance.

List of Creators:

Alberto Echegaray Guevara | Alex Bellan | Alexander Korzer-Robinson | Alicja Kwade | Andreas Lolis | Andy Diaz Hope | Andy Warhol | Anna Monichi | Anne Samat | Anouk Kruithof | Ariel Schlesinger | Atelier Les Deux Garçons (Michel Vanderheijden van Tinteren and Roel Moonen) | Atelier Van Lieshout | Audrey Frugier | Benjamin Sabatier | Bernardi Roig | Bertozzi & Casoni | Beth Moysés | Boris Dennler | Boris Tellegen | Bosse Sudenburg | Brian Dettmer | Carlos Aires | Cerise Doucede | Chema Madoz | Christophe Coppens | Christophe Goutal | Cyrus Kabiru | D.D. Trans | Damien Hirst | Dana Zaltzman | David Clarke | David Taborn | Diego Delgado-Elias | Dinie Besems | Donis Dayán Llago | Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker | Edgar Orlaineta | Ellen Kooi | Elodie Antoine | Ettore Sottsass | Eugenio Merino | Evol (Tore Rinkveld) | Fabrice Samyn | Fabrizio Bixio Braghieri | Faig Ahmed | Fermín Jiménez Landa | Florian Borkenhagen | Fochesato Marble | Frank Schreiner for Stiletto studio | Frederik Van Simaey | Gabriela Vanga | Gaetano Pesce for Zerodesigno | Ghyslain Bertolon | Glen Martin Taylor | Glenda León | Gonçalo Barreiros | Gustav Carlberg | Guy Laramée | Hans-Christian Lotz | Hassan Hajjaj | Hisae Ikenaga | Hong Hao | Isaque Pinheiro | Jade Townsend | James Clar & Associates | Jarbas Lopes | Jaydan Moore | Jean-François Fourtou | Jean-Guy Lattraye | Jean-Luc Vilmouth | João Leonardo | John Wood and Paul Harrison | Jonathan Callan | Jonathan Monk | Jorge Perianes | Juan Luis Moraza | Jukhee Kwon | Julien Berthier | Justine Smith | Kai Linke | Kate Gilmore | Kensuke Koike | Kristoffer Myskja | Lauren Tickle | Leonardo Ulian | Li Hongbo | Lucas Muñoz | Luiz Philippe | Luke Newton | Maarten Vanden Eynde | Marck | Marco Godoy | Maria Platero | Mark Wagner | Markus Hofer | Marlon De Azambuja | Mateo Maté | Mathieu Mercier | Maurizio Anzeri | Memed Erdener | Michael Johansson | Michael Zelehoski | Michel De Broin | Miks Mitrēvics | Nahum Tevet | Natalia Stachon | Nicola Pais | Nuria Carrasco | Otavio Schipper | Pablo Reinoso | Pascal Hachem | Patrick Ick Reuvis | Pedro Tyler | Peter Weibel | Peter Wuthrich | Philip Loersch | Pucci de Rossi | Ram Katzir | Răzvan Botis | Ron Arad | Rose Vickers | Rune Guneriussen | Ry Rocklen | Sakir Gökçebag | Shahar Marcus and Nezaket Ekici | Sofie Lachaert | Stratis Tavlaridis | Taylor Holland | Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen | Thorsten Brinkmann | Till Rabus | Tim Lewis | Tobias Allanson | Tobias Collier | Tom Dale | Tom Dixon | Tom Price | Tom Schmelzer | Troika | Vincent Olinet | William Cobbing | Yosuke Hasegawa | Yuken Teruya | Zhou Wendou

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