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The Ball | Catalogue

The ball – the exhibition book
July 13, 2021 – January 29, 2022

Curator and editor of the catalog: Yara Kidar
Editor: Seth Exenfeld
Design: Ra-Levant

“The Ball”, the summer exhibition of the Holon Design Museum for 2021, deals with the connection between fashion, dreams, legends and escape from reality. The catalog unfolds the story of the exhibition over 250 color pages, connecting the history of the balls in the West and the fashion designed for them, to the works of leading fashion designers in Israel. In the catalog you will find documentation for more than 120 dresses in historical and contemporary designs, sewn with luxurious materials and elite sewing alongside surprising and everyday materials, about 50 accessories, 22 models of Cinderella’s shoes that were printed in 3D, an optical fiber dress, 6,500 macarons, and 17 hats inspired by desserts – They were all created especially for the exhibition.

The elegant catalog makes it possible to preserve the experience of visiting the exhibition, and gives a close look at the creative dialogues in it: between the festive and the everyday, and between the fantastic and the real. It also makes it possible to reflect on the role of fashion in everyday life, on the desire to escape from reality and get out of proportion, on dreams, wealth and happiness.

Petah Dvar by Mia Devash, chief curator of the Holon Design Museum
Language: Hebrew-English
Size: 22.5X30 cm
250 pages, hardcover
Published by the Holon Design Museum, Israel, 2021

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