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Elad Sarig

The Ball

Fashion can take us to a magical world, where anything is possible, even for just one night

July 18, 2021 – January 8, 2022

“The Ball” was dedicated to the most surprising fashion industry in the country in terms of scale – evening and bridal gowns. This was the first exhibition dedicated to this topic in Israel. What does the huge investment in one-time events indicate? Why did these luxurious dresses arrive in Israel and where did they come from?

Photo: Elad Sarig

“The Ball,” Design Museum Holon’s summer 2021 exhibition, explored the relationship between fashion, dreams and escapism. Extending throughout the entire museum, the exhibition offered visitors a highly imaginative experience, forging connections between the history of balls, Western fashion, and the contemporary creations of leading fashion designers in Israel.

Victor ‘Vivi’ Bellaish, Moni Mednik, Bastel and Ball Gown 1870, Photo: Michal Chelbin

The exhibition featured some 120 ball gowns representing both historical and contemporary designs, which featured luxurious materials alongside surprising, everyday ones. In addition to the gowns, “The Ball” showcased some 50 accessories created especially for the exhibition by Israel’s top designers, including a display of glass Cinderella slippers printed in 3D, and a collection of hats inspired by desserts.

The audience was invited to an immersive, unforgettable, multi-sensory experience that combines sound, set design and lighting. The creative dialogue between festive and everyday elements, and between the fantastic and the real, raised questions concerning the role of fashion in everyday life, escapism, exaggeration, and dreams of both riches and happiness. 

Maor Zabar, Alon Shabo, The Whipped Cream and the Crazy Hatter, Photo: Elad Sarig

Designers (in alphabetical order):

Shadi Abed | Chen Adar | Shlomi Anteby | Rivi Avivi | Shahar Avnet | Idit Barak | Victor ‘Vivi’ Bellaish | Berta | BOOBA MACHO by Karin Vasiluk | Hila Cohen | Luci David | Tatiana Davidov (Studio Tiamanta) | Gadi Elimelech | Lia Fattal | Aviram Fima | Aharon Genish | Nimrod Gilo | Lee Grebenau | Brurya Haritan | Nofar Hatuka | Lihi Hod | Iota Studio | Adi Karni | Ohad Krief | Galia Lahav | Ronen Levin | Rotem Levitan (Retema) | Noam Levy | Alon Livne | Shady Francis Majlaton | Chana Marelus | Tal Medina | Moni Mednik | Yaron Minkowsky | Evyatar Myor | Maya Naé | Eliran Nargassi | Nataf Hirshberg and Yanky Golian | Dylan Parienty | Yaniv Persy | Ruth Philosoph | Assaf Reeb | Katya Romantsov | Eden Saadon | Alon Shabo | Shai Shalom | Orwa Shareef | Sharon Tal (Maskit) | Rotem Shaul | Gal Shenfeld | Nadir Shoshany | Liora Taragan | Ariel Toledano | Michal Yersanesh Mangisto | Maor Zabar | Mira Zwillinger Studio