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Credit: Elad Sarig

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The comprehensive and original exhibition “Design and Gender (WT)” addresses issues of equality and difference in society from various perspectives. Within the framework of the exhibition, the goal is to mediate, simplify, and make the complex discourse on gender and sex accessible through design, with the aim of fostering solidarity, empathy, and a fresh perspective on all the factors that shape our identity.

Ulla-Stina Wikander, Sewing Machine, Scissors, Axe, Fixed Key, Spools, Saw

Ulla-Stina Wikander, Sewing Machine, Scissors, Axe, Fixed Key, Spools, Saw

Why are women more likely to be injured in road accidents? It turns out that one of the reasons is related to design. It wasn’t so long ago that crash tests were performed only with male anatomical dummies . As a first attempt to bridge the gap, the male dummy was scaled down to a child’s size. When a dummy representing female anatomy was finally introduced, it was placed in the front seat, and only recently have car companies began to place it in the driver’s seat. Until then, car interior design had only taken into account the average size and weight of males. This example is just one of many that illustrate how design can be biased due to gender perceptions and how it may affect our daily reality.

The narrative of “Design and Gender (WT)” confronts questions about identity and society and raises awareness of the subtle ways in which objects shape our perceptions and patterns, both as individuals and as a society. The exhibition’s inclusive approach regards the concept of gender as a broad, dynamic, diverse, and multifaceted spectrum of identities, aiming to shatter dichotomies and binaries.

The process of design shapes not only physical objects but also awareness, habits, and social perceptions. Design can perpetuate disparities and discomfort, but it can also drive change, striving for equality and breaking down fixed mindsets. The exhibition tells a new story about our ability to redesign the social order, providing a structure that allows for movement and multipile choices, contributing to the design of a more inclusive and equitable society that recognizes and embraces all genders, celebrates diversity, and promotes equality.