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Israel Design Week Holon 2011

The Best of Israeli Design

May 6, 2011 – May 15, 2011


To mark Israel’s 63rd Independence Day, Israel Design Week Holon will be held at various locations around the City of Holon from May 5 to May 15, 2011. These events will raise relevant design issues for professional discussion and address the direct connection between Israeli design and Israel’s “Made in Israel” industry.

Israel Design Week Holon will present the achievements of design professionals in exhibitions and study days, as well as the achievements of local industry in general. These events will raise relevant design issues for professional discussion and address the direct connection between Israeli design and Israel’s ‘Made in Israel’ industry.

Exhibitions during Israel Design Week Holon include:

Designed in Israel 4 & Designers of the Future 4
Opening: May 6, 2011
Design Museum Holon

Designed in Israel 4 presents the achievements of contemporary Israeli design in the past year. The exhibition presents about 240 works from the fields of industrial design, graphic design, branding, interactive media, jewelry design, and so forth.

Designers of the Future 4, presents a selection of about 70 graduation projects by graduates from all the design schools in the fields of industrial design, graphic design, and jewelry design from the past year.
Additionally, a catalogue of the two exhibitions will be produced in Hebrew and English, which will serve as documentation of the practice and power of Israeli design and industry. The catalogue will be distributed in Israel and abroad as part of the international exposure strategy for Israeli design.

Made in Israel Expo – Designed and Made in Israel 
Opening: May 5, 2011
Mediatheque complex

The event presents the “Made in Israel” industries that express national pride, and exposes products designed and manufactured in Israel in a variety of sectors, such as construction, food, electronics, jewelry, consumer goods, fashion, and so forth, and demonstrates the connection between Israeli design and Israeli industry.

Garbs of Creamy Goodness
Opening: May 7, 2011
HaMishkan Gallery, Beit Meirov

An exhibition presenting design duo Helena and Philip Blaunstein’s “Frau Blau” label – a new, colorful collection whose designs are inspired by the work of renowned graphic artist Gary Baseman.
“Frau Blau” was founded in Tel Aviv in 2002 by designers Helena Blaunstein and Philip Blau, and the concept behind the label is quality fashion with a humorous twist.
Gary Baseman lives in Los Angeles and is a star in the firmament of contemporary pop art. He is considered one of the most prolific and influential artists in his field, and has won a BAFTA award and three Emmys for the animated series Teacher’s Pet, based on which Disney Studios produced a feature film by the same name. He has worked with The New York Times, The New Yorker, Mercedes-Benz, Kodak, and Nike, to name but a few major firms. In addition to being a renowned illustrator, he also works in diverse fields, including animation, television, advertising, vinyl toy design, and fashion.

Profile Pictures
Opening: May 6, 2011
Holon Theatre Gallery

An exhibition of graphic designer Tal Spiegel’s work. Spiegel is a fourth-year student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, who designed a new Facebook profile picture of himself every day in the course of a year. His face appears in each and every picture, while the background and context change. The project is mostly influenced by culture icons, everyday objects, and anything else that crossed his mind.

Stitches in Copper
Opening: May 7, 2011
Hankin Gallery

An exhibition of works by Nati Amoyales presenting garments made from copper. Nati has been working with copper for fifteen years and has experimented with numerous techniques to find her distinctive path with the material. She says: “I’d cover the whole world in copper”.
Her works are sculptural. The copper sheets are cut and sewn together by hand to create garments: corsets, bras, dresses, and trousers. The complex technique includes beating, making holes, embossing, enameling, and utilizing pleating and lace motifs to create the effect of soft material.

“Made in Israel” Posters Designed by Students
Opening: May 5, 2011
Mediatheque and Dov Hoz Blvd.

The Israel Community of Designers in conjunction with the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor “Made in Israel” Department will be holding a competition between the departments for visual communication at the various design schools on the subject: “Made in Israel”. The “Made in Israel” Department will award prizes for the top three designers. The judging committee comprises representatives of the “Made in Israel” Department and the Israel Community of Designers.

Israeli Book 2011
Curator: Ilan Hagari
Opening: May 6, 2011
HaChava Gallery

The exhibition presents about 40 books in three categories, artist’s books, exhibition catalogues, and research books on Israeli art, that have been designed by fifteen of the most prominent Israeli designers in the field.
Art books constitute a platform by means of which diverse techniques and printing materials can be used for each book, and provide an opportunity for the designer to present the new and original.
Alongside the works of prominent designers, the exhibition also presents a selection of projects by students and recent graduates from design schools in Israel.
Designers participating in the exhibition include: Michal Sahar, Gila Kaplan, Nadav Shalev, Kobi Levi, Kobi Franco, Noa Shwartz, Koby Barhad, Dan Alexander, David Tartakover, Ilan Hagari, Guy Saggee and Adi Stern, Anna Geslev, Noam Shechter, and Nirit Binyamini.

Three study days will be held during Israel Design Week Holon:

May 5, 2011  |  A study day on Design as an Economic Driver: Developing Strategic Company Assets Trough Intellectual Property Management, focusing on emphasizing the importance of design as an economic/business driver for company development.

May 12, 2011 |  A study day on Industrial Design, Graphic Design/Branding, presenting leading designers in Israel who will also be showing their work.

May 15, 2011 |  A study day on Interactive Media, discussing the cultural difference between interactive designers and their counterparts from the world of interactive startups.

Two “Design Friday” encounters will also be held:

May 6, 2011 |  A lecture by leading New York based industrial designer Dror Benshetrit and Raphael Navot Nevo, guests of Tollman’s.

May 13, 2011 |  An encounter on the subject of books will be held on . In this event, which is associated with the book exhibition at the HaChava Gallery, leading Israeli book designers will present a selection of projects and conduct an open discussion with the audience on book design.

About the Israel Community of Designers:
The Israel Community of Designers is a non-profit organization that represents industrial design, graphic design, and jewelry design professionals in Israel. The ICD represents Israel in international organizations, and includes practicing designers, students, and recent graduates from all the design schools in Israel.
Further information on the ICD website: