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Ben Kelmer

Yaacov Kaufman – Stools

One of the foremost designers in Israel, is showing in the Upper Gallery more than 450 objects created in Studio Yaacov Kaufman over the past two decades.

March 25, 2015 – 6 June, 2015


The exhibition is presenting about 450 objects created in Studio Yaacov Kaufman in the past eight years. The stools are presented as a complete and continuous course of action, resembling their own development process. At first glance they seem to be replicated mutations of a small piece of furniture – like the animation produced when flipping a flip book. A second, more focused look reveals a diverse, continuously developing, non-hierarchical system of examinations that has no beginning or end, edges or margins. And if they did not have to leave the studio, the stools would continue to fill the small space in Jaffa until it burst at the seams.

Photo: Ben Kelmer

Photo: Ben Kelmer

In this exhibition Kaufman offers viewers unedited access to the design process, a kind of automatic writing of three-dimensional objects, and conscious avoidance of choice, selection, or reduction. A closer look reveals a detailed and fascinating weave of design values and principles. This is a fascinating work of research that can be likened to writing a doctoral thesis in other theoretical fields.