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Michael Johansson , Last Summer, 2014, Installation view: Museum Voorlinden (NL), Image credit - Bram Vreugdenhil

Pop-up Exhibition – Material Overdose

Exhibition of the final products of the Material Library's Design Marathon

As one of the main events of the Overdose exhibition, a design-art exhibition of Galila Barzilai Hollanders extensive collection, the Aharon Feiner Eden Material Library invited designers and artists from all disciplines to take part in a Design Marathon at the Design Museum Holon.

The participants were asked to create a method of designing new objects using existing materials and objects, keeping in mind the principles of circular design. While in the background, questioning whether design can be the solution to mass consumption or is it a part of the problem.

Photo: Eran Levi

For the last two years we have witnessed two opposing trends: on the one hand, the Covid-19 Pandemic, with social distancing and the need for comfort, created a huge rise in consumerism and online shopping; on the other hand, the rise in awareness to the huge ramifications of climate change and the want to help and create change for the better.

In the constantly changing world we live in today, Aharon Feiner Eden Material Library, which is a part of Design Museum Holon, wanted to encourage the personal and environmental responsibility that designers have, initiating multidisciplinary collaborations to find creative and holistic solutions for the problems we are all facing.

The Design Marathon was a competition between teams: the brief was to identify a problem and to design a creative solution and a physical representation of it. The teams were made up of designers from all disciplines: makers, product, textile, fashion, interactive, visual communication, artists, architects, etc. During the marathon, a group of mentors from relevant fields consulted the teams.

The participants were asked to create a method to design a product/object/furniture utilizing existing materials from their everyday surroundings. The goal being trash to treasure: using the wealth of the unused materials around us as a basis for new designs, to motivate a creative process based on the principles of circular design.

Tomek Rygalik, Circula, Pavilion at the Design Museum Holon, Photographer: Eran Levi

As part of the Design Marathon closing ceremony event, the CIRCULA Project by designer Tomek Rygalik was launched – two public seating spaces, designed to create social interactions and created using the principles of circular design.

The objects made by the teams were displayed at the museum as part of a pop-up exhibition which was held betwen 15.7.22 – 23.7.22.

Top right, clockwise: Kites of Protest (Hamutal Hayun, Erez Levanon, May Meyerson), Climbax (Tal Ben Simhon, Lipaz Golan, Itay Weingraten, Daniel Singer, Tahel Sadot), Tikoon (Bosmat Brants, Gal Samuel, Michal Noy), POPUMP [Winners], (Yaar Benbenisti, Daphne Dagan, Avia Zarhia, Avi Liberson, Limor Shasha), RE.APIPE [2nd Place], (Tair Beit Or, Lir Braverman, Ofir Danino, Ayelet Kimchi, Ya’ar Sherr), Rain Coat (Helena Haiman, Noam Levinson, Yoni Nevara, Tanya Kazkov), Click (Dor Assayag, Shachar Katzav, Einat Shtakler, Alex Shneider), GaaS (Lior Orgad, Gilad Gal, Michal Yahav Privea, Liat Manor Ezer), Hapirokiya (Ira Estrin, Guy Geva, Jenny Levkov Turjeman, Galit Pagot, Nurit Shmidov Sasson). In the middle: Rewire (Hanna Wisblit, Tom Chen, Moran Uziel, Michal Porat, Idan Shavit)

The marathon was held in cooperation with FIVERR company and with the joint assistance of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM), the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. Drinks for the marathon were provided by Drink Mine. The prize for the first place winners of the competition is courtesy of the DesignNature organization.