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NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD. Design Center + Hara Design Institute, NDC

Senseware – Tokyo Fiber

Many new materials are being produced, but the problem we face is to discover how they can best be used

June 24, 2010 – September 04, 2010


Medium That Intrigues Man

I have coined a term: “Senseware”.
To me, this indicates any familiar thing that inspires our sensory perceptions. I use “ware” as it is used in “hardware” and “software”.

Kenya Hara, Exhibition Director

Seed of Love / Ross Lovegrove

Take the stone implements of the Stone Age. These are examples of senseware. If I grip in my hand a stone axe from a period removed from us by 400,000 years, it becomes obvious to me why human beings used stone objects. The weight, the hardness and the texture of stone – all appeal to us humans. The Stone Age spanned a surprisingly long period of time; for no less than one million years, humans transmitted from generation to generation the form of a single stone axe. It is difficult for us today to wrap our minds around the time and the endeavor of this continuous inheritance, spanning tens of thousands of generations, of the form of a single tool. But when we actually touch the tool itself, we intuitively know with our very beings why the weight, hardness and palpable texture of stoneware inspired the human senses that drove the culture of the Stone Age. Even today I myself feel thrilled to handle these tools. This sensational feeling is like an impulse inciting us to create.


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