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Photo: Osher Lapid

The Boiler Room

Boiling up the Global Debate

Recent decades have given rise to two contradictory processes: accelerated globalization, alongside a reawakening of nationalism. Ironically, the factors that catalyze globalization are the same ones leading to growing nationalism, creating a sense of constant tension. The presence of social networks further increases the polarization created by these processes.

אושר לפיד

The Boiler Room, Photo: Osher Lapid

“The Boiler Room” is an interactive installation, a sphere that enables visitors to express their political and social stances, to share their worldviews, and to respond to one another by simply hitting a switch that “heats up” the discussion, at times without noticing the implications of their actions. In this manner, the installation simulates a process of polarization, while fostering discussion and independent research. The use of the unique “boiler switch” represents the ease with which a quick response enhances disagreements and abstracts complex problems into populist slogans.

The Boiler Room, Photo: Elad Sarig

“The Boiler Room” installation represented Israel at the 2021 London Design Biennale, whose theme was “Resonances” (curator: Es Devlin). The installation received the London Design Biennale Public Medal, voted by the visitors.

The installation “The Boiler Room” was designed and constructed by a team of seven designers – students and graduates of the Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University.


Lior Kantor | Noa Karmi | Lealla Solomon | Osher Lapid | Roi Levin | Barak Weizman | Oren Elgali