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Issue #2
October - December 2010
Holyland Souvenirs
 / October 14 2010

Young designers from Holon institute of technology presents: Souvenirs of Israel at Lodz Design Festival.


From the press release:

Israel. On one hand, the Holy Land, small but diverse, full of residents with a warm Mediterranean mentality, incredibly beautiful - our home. On the other hand, an ongoing source of problems and conflicts, disputes and endless public discussions - internal and international.

This exhibition showcases interpretive souvenirs from Israel by 18 young designers. All the souvenirs were designed during an academic course under the guidance of designer Naama Steinbock. In this course, students were faced with the challenge of accuracy in design, which enables the designer to mediate a specific concept through a small and concise object. Throughout the course, the students are faced with number of exercises in different topics so they sharpen their design tools and abilities to criticize and express their opinion.
The designers which are taking part in this exhibition are students and graduates of the industrial design department at H.I.T. Holon Institute of Technology, Israel, headed by designer Ofer Zick.

In the various projects displayed in this exhibition the young designers were asked to refer to various aspects in Israel and to create a souvenir which represents their insights. Some of the designers chose to approach the matter in a humorous manner or from an idealistic point of view (cynical or not). Other chose to approach the topic from an angle of pain and criticism, and some from an angle of love and care for Israel. Regardless of the chosen approach, all projects represent the way the designers view Israel as a state, and themselves, as citizens who live in Israel.
While molding the different concepts, the designers gained a deeper insight into the everyday Israeli reality which has always seemed obvious, and by doing so the well known has become the unknown and ideals weakened.

The Sabra, as described by Ayala Bugay, is one of the main symbols which represent the Israelis. The plant which is prickly on the outside but sweet and soft on the inside has always represented the local Israeli person. In this project the Sabra has been transformed into a doll which is made out of used IDF uniforms. The Khaki cloth which the sabra is sown from looks perfectly natural in the context of the project.

Ayala Bougay
Ayala Bugay

Ellia Nattal chose to deal with a local symbol and a source of pride - The orange, or in its original name - the golden apple. In her work she packed the orange in a cardboard packaging from which the orange extrudes and completes the form of the Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Nattal named the project the Golden Dome.

Ellia Nattal
Ellia Nattal

One of the notions which arose during the discussions in class was the Israeli territorial feeling. Undoubtedly, it is important for us Israelis to "feel at home", but the concept of "home" varies from person to person. Noam Bar Yochai designed a nail with which any person is able to mark his/hers favorite locations across the country and by doing so to mark any location as his/her own home.

Noam Bar Yochai
Noam Bar Yochai

Shahar Kagan inspected an entirely different aspect of everyday life in Israel. The image of soldiers walking around the streets with riffles is a common sight for us Israelis. Images of rock throwers, bombing casualties and coffins have become daily matters for the people who live in Israel. Kagan chose to design plastic toy soldiers which can be an Israeli addition to the popular kids game. In his work, each figure took on a different interpretation and has its own tragic role.

Shahar Kagan
Shahar Kagan

Following Kagan's feeling, Daniel Zelig created the Red Everlasting flower brooch. During the various IDF Memorial Day events, the citizens of Israel wear a sticker of the Red Everlasting flower to pay tribute to all of the fallen soldiers. Zelig's brooch is an upgrade of the known sticker and is made of pure silver and red Bamba (a well known Israeli kids snack) is used in place of the Red Everlasting flowers. The Bamba snack imitates the blooming of the red everlasting flower and relays the painful message that the fallen soldiers are taken away while they are still young children.

Danie lZelig
Daniel Zelig

The Exhibition presents various projects which touch familiar and sensitive issues. The objects on display are a good example of 3D design which is communicative, precise and inspiring.

Dean, Faculty of Design: Mr. Avram Grant
Head, Department of Industrial Design: Mr. David Rawet
Former Head, Department of Industrial Design: Mr. Ofer Zick
Curator and course director: Ms. Naama Steinbock
Organization, production and graphic design: Ms. Neta Furberg
Administrative production: Ms. Neta Will

In cooperation with: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lodz Design Festival
H.I.T. - Holon institute of technology

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