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26 November, 2015 / Sue-an van der Zijpp

This article was written at 2014 by the exhibition cutaror, Sue-an van der Zijpp, before it openned...

Opinion: What is a Museum

18 November, 2015 / Adi Hammer-Yacobi

In the past twenty years a significant change has taken place in the character and...

Abraham Font, Daniel Grumer, Bezalel 2014

Future Archeology

23 July, 2015 / Adi Hammer-Yacobi

Just before it closed, I visited the Future Archeology exhibition mounted by The Arts Institute...

Me and my shadow

12 July, 2015 / אלונה יעקובוביץ'-שטרן

The ratio between light and shadow is a dominant element in visual art. The purpose...

Light Installation

1 January, 2015 / Maya Dvash

They won a highly regarded international award, they are represented by a prestigious gallery in...

For Adolf Loos With Love and Squalor

9 December, 2014 / Naomi Aviv, December 1995, Tel Aviv

From your first encounter with Hironen's furniture, you stop thinking about furniture. You begin to...

Iris Van Herpen SS 2015, Paris | photo: Julien Boudet of Bleu Mode

Iris Van Herpen

20 November, 2014 / Eugene Rabkin, editor of StyleZeitgeist magazine.

The work of the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen occupies a singular place in the...

How to fold a friend

12 November, 2014 / Maya Dvash

It was certainly a source of great pride. As a member of the panel of...

Nofar Amar | Eternal Childhood
Emmy Nikolayevsky | Photography: Itzik Biran
Lisson Gallery, London

A New Materialistic Order

12 June, 2014 / Gili Yuval

Gili Yuval ponders what esteemed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's exhibition, currently showing in London, and...

Bicycle Hospital

5 January, 2014 / Michal Benzvi-Spiegel and Amnon Silber

Design Museum Holon has launched a unique project as part of the "Free Wheel" exhibition:...

(R)Evolving Dresses

21 November, 2013 / Yifat Hollander Amar

Through the stories of a number of courageous, pioneering women, Yifat Hollander Amar examines the...

Accessories to Accessory

13 November, 2013 / Eleanor Goyli

A considerable number of designers today are working to transform the bicycle into a fashion...

Photograph: Noam Yosef

Bicycles as Fashion Accessories

3 November, 2013 / Eleanor Goyli

How did bicycles turn into fashion accessories linking fashion, environmental awareness, and lifestyle?

Materials Are Going Green

31 October, 2013 / Chantel Braley | Materials Library

Chantel Braley, an intern in the Material Library, is rethinking fashion after visiting HOF13 conference.

Dr. Abraham Margalith (second from the left) with former mayor of Holon, Pinchas Eylon

Last Train to Holon

6 June, 2013

Just before the exhibition opened at the Museum, Ron Arad presents a variety of pieces...

Design as Ritalin

2 May, 2013

We're used to looking at society as being compiled of people who differ from one...

Design Week Holon 2013

4 April, 2013

A visual review of Design Week Holon 2013 (27/4-31/4), all the events, the guests and...

Save the Name | Milan 2012

21 June, 2012 / Maya Dvash

An interview with Maya Ben David, a designer who is investigating whether people can be...

Must Be Happy | Milan 2012

24 May, 2012 / Maya Dvash

In a recent interview for Australian Design Review, British design critic Alice Rawsthorn attempted to...

Royal Delft Experience

16 May, 2012 / Michal Benzvi-Spiegel

Since its establishment in 1653, the Royal Delft factory has dominated blue porcelain earthenware production...

In Praise of Ignorance

22 November, 2011 / Michal Benzvi-Spiegel and Amnon Zilber

All the pieces created by interaction artist and designer Daniel Rozin over the past fifteen...

In A Better World

11 November, 2011

American designer Yves Béhar has received the prestigious INDEX: Award for his See Better to...


27 October, 2011 / Tal Amit

Ron Arad opens his lecture at Holon Fashion Week 2011 with a smile and a...

My London

15 September, 2011 / Maya Dvash

London Design Festival will be opening this week, celebrating the uniqueness and centrality of the...

Utopia of Success

11 August, 2011

The two exceptionally stylish designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are Studio Formafantasma – italian...

Design Lab #2

26 June, 2011

An interview with Galit Gaon about the Curating Design course, the fruits of which -...

Michal Steiger and Maya Givony

Tobias Wong, 1974-2010

3 June, 2010

D. Tobias Wong, the Canadian-born, New York-based artist and designer, passed away in the early...